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www.embersoftheworld.com Wednesday December 5, 2012

Connection time again!

Hello there!

There's much to report as usual, with positive progress and alignment each and every day!  

Our current focus is to provide 'how-to' resources for mastering...

  • the 21st century leadership skillset of reflection and connection, collaboration and innovation and of course the art of 'becoming' - view the sample here of how to reflect
  • the outcomes that the changing world is now seeking and rewarding - view the sample here of how to be authentic

...in our ongoing search for tangible methodology to assist the evolution of change and leadership!


ROI evidence!

It makes embers proud to announce real evidence of corporate leadership change is emerging due to the application of the embers 'leading the corporate future' (lcf) immersion session.

Last week, 'in passing' I asked one of my clients, a mastermind of learning and development and one of embers greatest supporters, how the changes from their 'leading the corporate future' actions were proceeding. An instant response was received - 'look at this email that just came through', and he explained how that linked to the databank of  actions the team had created for their changing world - which by the way he still carries each and every day!

Real results 'becoming' embedded into a workplace and community! Never a more proud moment for embers.  

Feel free to make contact to learn more about 'leading the corporate future' immersion initiative!


'business en motion' very much 'en motion'

With change at the core of all of our business activity, it's becoming more common for 'business en motion'  (the official business entity) and 'embers of the world' (a product of 'business en motion') to be represented side by side, such as seen at the recent OpenThinking conference.  

What is it really like to be covered and blocked in an organisation, unable to interact and expected to perform well? Did we feel that pain - most certainly we did! Where can connectivity influence here?


Leadership Challenge and 'embers' united


What unites people?  In essence, commonality.

Kouzes and Posner's 'The Leadership Challenge', a set of five practices embedded into an evidence-based framework of leadership, lead us all towards exemplary leadership and our human potential.  It helps us to transform values into action, vision into reality, obstacles into opportunity, separateness into solidarity and risk into reward.

Nicol's 'embers', a set of 21st century leadership skills and change model that facilitate what the changing world requires, lead us towards new outcomes, those that will serve us and others equally, for greater good.  It promotes change from the core before the exterior.

The correlation is clear - we all have the capacity and ability to design our future and reach new heights if we have tangible and practical steps and are prepared to work wtih a new toolkit and skillset - that can take time and be rather painful at times, yet is by no means a privelege reserved for only a special few. 

Feel free to make contact should you wish to know more about The Leadership Challenge, an investment you, your leaders and your organization will never ever regret.  Contact Debbie and consider the flexible array of implementation choices on offer as well as the array of international destinations she serves!


When worlds collide....


Coaching focusses on the ability to know and recognize oneself, discussions about where you are and wish to be, the choices we take and the impact we have on self and others.  At the centre of taking this deeper is an Australian gentleman, Dr Martyn Newman, pyschologist and co-creator of the Emotional Capital Report, a tool that is very aligned to much of the embers work.

Wtih embers forever attracting aligned resources, it was no shock when a three-way collision (or meeting of minds) just came to light!  Newman interviewing Kouzes here and here when Debbie and 'embers' were discovering Kouzes and Posner, all at a time when Newman is coming to a venue in Dubai (dates to be announced soon) early 2013.  Isn't the world fabulous when alignment simply serves all!


An undeniable voice of leadership


A leader is one who has a voice, knows what will serve all equally  and consistently demonstrates aligned actions, whilst others are sharing the voice too.  We here in Dubai were very proud on our recent National Day of Dec 02, when each and every citizen and resident received a text message that reinforced his priority to solidarity and tolerance - begs you to revisit the question yet again: what makes people follow a leader?


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