Barnard College, The Liberal Arts College for Women in New York City

Dear Student,

We are delighted that you have been considering Barnard College among your potential college choices for fall 2013.

In this day of immediate and automated responses, we know that it takes a great deal of patience to wait for our reply.  For this reason, we write to notify you that we will be emailing decision letters, for the first time, to all of our applicants on March 27th, 7:00 PM EST

On the same day, we will mail decisions to all students, just as we have done in previous years. If you have a US mailing address, your decision will arrive via USPS. Decision letters mailed to students who live overseas may take a bit longer to receive, but acceptances will be mailed via FedEx.

While we cannot admit every student, we do consider each application carefully. We do so with the context of each student's passions and choices in mind. Applications are reviewed without formulas and with attention to all parts of an application, but we do receive applications from far more students than we will be able to admit. We thank you for taking great care with what you submit and we have tried to do the same in our review and decisions.

If you are an applicant and are only seeing this message posted to our facebook page, carefully check the email account you used on your Common Application, including your spam folder to ensure you receive your email on Wednesday, March 27.  If you are unable to locate the email, please write to us at with your updated email address.

With best regards,

The Office of Admissions at Barnard College

Wednesday 13, March 2013