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Hi everyone. As REDmatter has done so well over the past few months, we've decided to release it to the public. As of next week, there will be a couple of changes to REDmatter (nothing major so don't stress) - 

We'll be going back to weekly tasks - however, this will be your choice to blog or not that week. Some people find it easier to post weekly, some find it easier to post fornightly etc.

Tasks will be starting again - this gives people a chance to create something new and add their own twist or simply catch up on a post they may have previously missed.


In other news, thank you to everyone who has submitted this week! It's great to see some familar faces back to posting some delicious content!

It seems you've all been having fun or have fun things planned. Be sure to take a read of everyone's submissions and if you're feeling generous, why not give them a like and a share ;)

Going South - Chameleonic Design

Room Number 368 (Coated) - Staying in a Pantone Hotel - Burning Red (Pete)

Thailand Journal — Extract - Daniel Grosvenor

Je T’aime Pixar - dandidthat

European Bug-In 2013, Chimay, Belgium - ALXMLS

Cosplayer Masubi Storms Capcom HQ - Masubi

LEAD Wales - Rich M Brady

And here's a couple of late entries from the last task:

Interview with Richard Prideaux from Original Outdoors - 769inc

Computer Coding ... for Children??? - Burning Red (Alex)


Task 16 - Show & Tell

You only have 1 week to complete this task.

As you will only have a week for this one, we thought we'd keep it simple. We want you to show the world your favourite thing - whether it's your favourite military jacket, a piece of kit you couldn't live without or simply your pet that helps you write your content. Then, tell us all about it.

This doesn't have to be a long post, it could be a couple of photos and a couple of sentences or it could be a huge essay. Completely up to you.

Don't know what to write about or need help with creating your post? Put it to the group and see if they have any suggestions, or as always email us redmatter@burningred.co.uk.

What To Do Now

As always, once you've written and published your content, email it to redmatter@burningred.co.uk and/or share it with the Facebook group.

Be sure to have your blog links in by Tuesday the 4th of March.

Until then, we wish you luck and if you have any questions, please just ask in the group or drop us an email.


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