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Welcome to the Municipal Depot Working Group (MDWG)

    We're so glad you have agreed to join the MDWG. The intent of the group is to help identify and address the information needs of small municipalities as we manoeuvre through the Waste Free Ontario Act and pending regulations. We will soon provide an updated list of information activities identified during the workshop that was held on June 13th, with a status on how CIF will address them; also we'll send out suggestions for future conference calls.


    Seeking your input into the CIF depot costing model
    As a new member, we would like you to complete a depot operations questionnaire, which will be used to fine-tune the depot costing model with relevant depot data. These data are vital for: 

    • Generating information to more accurately reflect depot operating costs
    • Assisting other small municipalities during the transition phase of the Act
    • Providing information to produce average numbers & cost ranges. (Individual info will not be identified in the model.)

    *Note: we're hoping to receive one survey per program


    Depot at Municipality of Faraday


    TipYou may want to have the latest Datacall submission handy before starting the questionnaire.


    Valuable information for MDWG members
    When the questionnaire is complete, you'll receive an email confirming receipt of your information. Please be sure to check your email for this as it will also include a list of MDWG members and their contact information. If you have not already shared your contact information with the group, please let us know by Thursday, June 30 and we will add it to the contact list. We'll update the list again next week as we receive additional contact information.

    A new CIF webpage dedicated to Depot Operations 
    We've just posted a new webpage in our "Resources" section, dedicated exclusively to depot operations - with tools, resources and links to information from CIF depot projects. Please check it out when you have a minute and let us know if there's anything not listed yet that you'd like to see. Here's the link: CIF Depots webpage

    For more information and to provide your contact info:
    Please contact Janet Robins, Robins Environmental on behalf of the MDWG: | 416-690-2684