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Future Unfolding #4


It's festival submission season, so we did another push this month to polish up the alpha version of Future Unfolding and enter it into several upcoming festivals. Hold your thumbs that we'll get in! If you're a game developer, check out the Festival Calendar that Andreas is maintaining. Signup for it via email or subscribe to it via Google Calendar and never miss a festival deadline again.

We also made some new screenshots and updated our press kit in the process. If you're a game journalist please check it out.

After finishing up an alpha build, we always look through our backlog of ideas and decide what to work on in the following weeks. The next major feature we want to have is water areas, which will add some more variety to the game world. It also enables some interesting new blocking puzzles and new interactions between the animals and the environment.

This mockup from Marek shows how the water areas might look in the game.

What else? Mattias and Marek had a blast at showing Future Unfolding at A MAZE. / Berlin. What makes this event special is its focus on experimental games, its unique location and its international yet cosy vibe.

There were some bad news as well, though. Some people got their laptops and other stuff stolen during the festival. To help mitigate the damage, William Pugh (of The Stanley Parable fame) is organizing a bundle of "exclusive games and various pieces of art, music and films" that you can buy right now.

Talk more next month,
– Andreas, Marek & Mattias