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Interphase Energy

It's a common assumption that pellet heat comes from pellet stoves. The owners of Interphase Energy, importers of Kedel boilers, hope to change that. Kedels are manufactured in Denmark and provide an efficient, clean energy heating option. These are boilers, not stoves, so they replace existing heating systems. The potential for reduction in heating costs and dependence on fossil fuel is driving consumer interest. "We've seen tremendous growth in the past few years and working with CEI as a lender has been critical to our trajectory," said Jacob Robertson, co-founder, Interphase Energy.

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September News

Climate Change & Re-energizing Rural Economies

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The UN Climate Summit last week focused global attention on the issue of climate change. Here in the Northeast, CEI is one of many businesses and organizations that recognize the economic necessity of climate change mitigation and adaptation. We were a sponsor, last week, of the North American Passive House Network Conference in Portland, a convening of architects, builders, and companies from all over the world focused on energy efficient building practices.

Take a look at our video, featuring CEI's Energy and Environment Officer Steve Cole, and Ryan Hamilton, Managing Partner of Interphase Energy, for more on renewable energy and impact investing for the future.    

And, if you live in Maine, on November 4, vote YES on ballot question 3 to re-finance programs that support jobs-creating small businesses, a key public sector measure for re-energizing rural economies. 

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Ron Phillips
President & CEO

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CEI Platform

Lending and Investing in Green Tech & Energy

CEI's $128MM Platform for Sustainable Lending and Investing calls for sector-specfic targeting to best support rural economies. This approach enables CEI staff members to understand an industry and develop expertise in areas such as regulation, taxation, supply and demand, new technologies and consumer preferences. It has also driven increased financing for an array of renewable energy businesses over the past three years.

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Inside CEI

Sector Expertise: CEI's Steve Cole and John Egan

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Steve Cole, CEI's Energy and Environment Officer, and John Egan, Director of Housing Development, are committed to identifying promising renewable energy solutions that can offset Maine's widespread use of fuel oil as primary source for heating during long, cold winters.  

"As technologies become more widely adopted, the price falls and when it does, the economic and environmental benefits of renewable energy can be shared with lower income people, who now bear the greatest burden of high energy costs," said Steve Cole.

Read more from an interview with Steve and John about the growth of the renewable energy sector in Maine »

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