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Tuesday, July 19

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patten set to release Ψ on September 16 on Warp Records via Inertia Music, Drop First Single “Sonne”

Photo Credit: Alex de Mora

Future-facing UK duo patten return with their third LP, Ψ, an album of deconstructed club music with multiple strains of Pop, Post Punk Industrial and hi-tech electronics, released on Warp Records via Inertia Music. patten have released the first single off the album, Sonne, along with its abrasive and wildly artistic film clip.

Watch the video for “Sonne” here.

The record is named with the Greek letter Ψ (pronounced Psi – a volatile symbol perfectly linked to their tripped out tracks), on the sleeve artwork, presented in an intensive state of growth or collapse. patten seek to evoke and explore the worlds of deep pre-linguistic emotion and experience in all they do; in audio, visuals and live performance.

As with each release from the group, Ψ marks a definitive shift in the patten project, expressed across many forms from the sleeve artwork to stage setup. Their mind-altering drive remains present, but retooled and sharpened in focus. Ψ sees patten transforming their freeze frame blur into high speed crystal clear emotive energy.  


Ψ is out September 16 on Warp Records via Inertia Music
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