Reminder to Kentucky High School Students: Kentucky high school students (grades 9-12) are eligible to compete for cash prizes in the McConnell Center's annual essay contest. The teacher of the winning student will win a $100 gift certificate. Essay Prompt: "Following WWII, the U.S. emerged as one of two great superpowers. Following the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1989, the U.S. stood alone as the only superpower. A lot has changed in the last two decades. Is the prominence of the United States a thing of the past or will the U.S. continue to be the single most important center of influence in the world? Does our position in the world obligate us to be the fixers of other people's problems, even if it means not dealing with some perceived problems at home?" Essays must be typed, maximum of 1,000 words, and include at least four sources. Additional requirements and information: The McConnell Center offers this annual program to high school students to help hone their writing skills and further their understanding of American history. Questions? Contact Malana Salyer, Civic Education Coordinator at the McConnell Center, at 502-852-3947 or email her at This email was sent to [email address suppressed]. If you are no longer interested you can unsubscribe instantly: