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Waverly Tennessee Floods - Situation Report #2

Hope Force is still actively working in Waverly, Tennessee in the aftermath of the horrific flooding that took place on August 21st.  Hundreds of homes have been impacted -- many damaged beyond repair -- and many of which have had significant water inside and will need to be "mucked out."  

Would you please consider joining us in Waverly for 1/2 a day, a full day... or until we wrap up this weekend?

Please watch an update from the field by our Disaster Response Coordinator, Aaron Stetson, below.  

Your financial support is greatly appreciated as we are responding in four places:  the Waverly floods, the Haiti earthquake, in Mexico (Hurricane Grace) and in the aftermath of Hurricane Ida in Louisiana.  

Thank you to all who have already given.  We are grateful, and cannot do this without your partnership!