Is that so?

Our first Integral Mission Conversation of 2015 has just finished. We spent the week in Pakistan.

Speaking with some people gathering for the Conversation and discussing security, one person said to me we should not worry about the situation in the world as the day set for us to enter the grave is unavoidable.

Is that so? Such a statement is loaded with another fundamental question – are we really free? Do we have total freedom to choose how we live life, or are some things (for example when we die, whether we will become Christians or not, whether we marry or not etc.) already decided by God?

On my flight to Pakistan I sat next to a man who was from Iran and we got talking about God. He said to me that he believed God honoured us when we honoured him, but punished us when we forgot him and did things that were wrong.

Is that so? Such a belief would impact how I viewed and related to God. It would mean I would only honour God to avoid him becoming angry with me. And if something painful happened to me, I would see this as me getting punished for either not behaving or not giving God sufficient attention. What does this say about my understanding of the character of God and about the type of relationship I expect from him?

Sitting around the table with friends we discussed the news and looked at some of the recent tragedies. The attack in Paris, the attacks in Nigeria, the attacks in Iraq, Ukraine……. and so on. Then one person in the group added, yes, but these are the signs of the end times, so it’s ok – it’s what the Bible says. We should not worry as God is in control.

Is that so? Do we just see the news as fatalism? All this must happen, so nothing we do can stop it or change it. Indeed, if I take this to its logical conclusion then actually if I step back and don’t interfere perhaps Jesus will come back sooner as more disasters equals more signs of his imminent return!
Where does redemption, salvation, restoration, liberation, transformation, new creation and the Kingdom of God fit into all of this?

God loves us, his whole creation, every person and every part of his creation. His love is revealed throughout the ages and in particular through Jesus Christ. When John the Baptist doubted this, Jesus reassured him that the evidence of his love, the evidence that God was present was that people were being healed, even raised from the dead and that the Good News was being preached to the poor (Matthew 11:2-6).

May 2015 be a year when we dare to ask the question “is that so”? What we believe impacts how we live. Let’s go back to the basics and explore the character of God as expressed through Jesus. May that be the lens with which we look at news, through which we wrestle with the tough questions of life. Here we will find the Giver of Life, the one who sets us free, the Restorer, the Healer, our Saviour and Lord. Then the only question is – how do we respond?

Lord may we choose obedience and follow you.

I am ...

The tragedy in Paris with the attack on the French satirical weekly magazine Charlie Hebdo has launched us into yet another confrontation where the lives and property of the innocent get destroyed. Churches are burned, people are killed.

Being in Pakistan during the publication of more cartoons, I experienced the sudden impact on those already struggling.  Where is the balance between freedom of expression and the sanctity of life?

We weep for those who lost their lives in France. We weep with those who have lost their lives because of further publications. The domino effect set in motion will have further suffering weaved into decisions made by leaders acting with reflex rather than reflection.

We need to pray earnestly for grace and truth, mercy and tolerance to break through prejudice and pride.

Walking with Pakistan

Micah Pakistan

From the 14th to 16th January we held an Integral Mission Conversation in Lahore, Pakistan entitled Courage for Change: transforming church, transforming community. We had over 70 participants who gathered to wrestle through the issues faced in their country. This was followed by a workshop hosted in Faisalabad entitled Rooted in the Gospel: demonstrating transformation, where over 100 participants attended. It was a very full week of encouragement and learning together. We celebrate and thank God for this time together.

We want to take time to thank God for the Pakistan Committee whose dedication and vision were essential for this week of meetings to happen. I know that God will continue to be a blessing in Pakistan – please pray for this ongoing movement for transformation. Please also pray for the protection of all our family in Pakistan, for their perseverance and vision to continue to grow. Pray that the remaining funds still needed will come in.

Ask 365: Let Every Christian Pray

The Evangelical Fellowship of India, the EFI Council of Churches and Asia Evangelical Alliance inaugurate a People's Prayer Movement:

ASK 365: Let Every Christian Pray

Christians all around the world are being called to become prayer champions for their local, national and global community. As we take time to listen to God in prayer, we will see transformation.

There are many ways you can get involved:

- host a regular prayer meeting
- organise prayer walks or prayer retreats
- Produce creative prayer resources (blogs, artworks etc.)
- invite other to join.

To learn more, link in to the Ask 365 Facebook community here.

Violence in DRC

This prayer request was shared by Tearfund in December 2014.


Ever increasing numbers of civilians in the troubled eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) are fleeing their villages in the face of massacres and atrocities.

Every day more people displaced by armed groups are leaving their isolated communities and seeking refuge in the towns of Beni and Oicha.

Around 88,000 Congolese have fled, according to the UN Refugee Agency which estimates at least 256 people, including children, have died in attacks since October, while 52 people died in early December, followed by another recent attack where 19 were murdered.

Pray for people fleeing the violence that they will find shelter and support. Also lift up the generous host families that are taking people in, that Tearfund will be able to locate them and offer assistance.

Lift up in prayer the staff and families of those working in the region who are under huge stress as they respond to these violent attacks. Ask that they will be kept safe.

Please continue to pray for peace in the DRC, and that those who are carrying out the violent attacks will be caught and brought to justice.

Stand together : Nigeria

Last week, Boko Haram attacked the Nigerian town of Baga, as well as sixteen neighbouring villages.

The ongoing crisis in Nigeria is overflowing across the border with thousands fleeing to neighbouring nations including Chad, Cameroun and Niger.

This month there have been deadly massacres in Baga, with some sources have claimed up to 2,000 murdered since 7th January and thousands more displaced.

Peter Akanimoh, head of Global Relief base din Jos, Nigeria, says:

I want to add my voice to the other voices calling for greater international involvement with this crisis. This is not the time to sit back. God's world knows no international boundaries. The earth is the Lord's and the fullness therefore....

Catholic Archbishop Ignatius Kaigama of Jos pleads for prayer from the faithful:

“Brothers and sisters, there is no better time to storm the heavens with prayers and petitions than now"

God, we pray for an end to the terror and helplessness inflicted by Boko Haram. Turn the eyes of the world on this region, and join us together to end this senseless violence.

Lord, we cry out for your peace and justice to be poured out on Nigeria. We ask that your strength and sovereignty would be known in that nation. We pray for comfort for those who grieve and suffer, and for changed hearts and minds of those who are perpetrating this violence.

We entrust to you the upcoming Nigerian elections in February. May these be an opportunity for the nation to unite against the evil forces that are ravaging the country.

Micah Transition: 2015

As the year commences, we enter an exciting period of transition

We pray that in all of our preparations and planning as a team, Micah would seek to be a vessel for God's will - first and only.

May prayer be our foundation, our framing and our response in all circumstances.

“Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.” 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

Global Consultation - Lima, Peru September, 2015

- Please pray for doors to open as we seek to confirm final details prior to commencing registrations for this triennial event.

- Join us in seeking God's provision of resources, facilitators, volunteers and logistical support for the event

- Ask God how you could engage, assist and participate in this unique opportunity.

Prayer Requests

Please do submit your prayer and praise requests to share with the Micah community by sending an email to