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November 2021 Newsletter


Juno Beach Police Name Department Chaplain

Pastor Emily

At the October Juno Beach Town Council Meeting, Chief of Police Brian Smith introduced the Reverend Emily Denmark-McGee as the Department's new Police Chaplain.

Chaplain Denmark-McGee is Pastor of Oceanview Methodist Church on Ocean Drive and has been with the Church since her graduation from Emory University's Chandler School of Theology in 2002.

In her introduction, Chief Smith noted that she is no stranger to first-responder Chaplaincy. Her father, Reverend John Denmark was the Chaplain for Palm Beach Gardens Fire Rescue for over 30 years and now serves as a Chaplain for the United States Secret Service. He was in the audience, along with her mother, husband, and daughter, for her formal introduction.

Chief Smith noted that when he first talked with Chaplain McGee about being the agency's Chaplain he spoke of two roles where he saw her being of value to the Department. First as a spiritual leader for the members of the Department, and second as someone the agency could turn to for assistance at any traumatic incident that might occur in Juno Beach.

Chaplain Emily was of course happy to take on those roles and the Chief indicated that he was very pleased to present her to the Town Council and Town Residents.

The Police Foundation is pleased to welcome Chaplain McGee to the Juno Beach Police Department.

Two Officers sworn-in to new positions

At the October Town Council Meeting, Chief Brian Smith also announced the promotion of two of his Police Officers.

Officer Ryan Hoffmann was appointed to the rank of Detective. Chief Smith noted that Detective Hoffmann came to the Juno Beach Police Department with ten years' experience in NYPD. There he was appointed as a 3rd Grade Detective in one of New York's largest and busiest precincts. Ryan has done an excellent job in the brief time he has been with the Juno Beach Police Department and Chief Smith said he was thrilled to announce Detective Hoffmann's new position.

Officer Michael Graham was promoted to the rank of Sergeant. In introducing Sergeant Graham, the Chief noted that Mike has been with the Juno Beach Police Department for the past 13 years. Over the past six months he has performed outstandingly as an OIC (Officer In Charge) when the agency was short of Sergeants. He noted that Mike is a great team player and is highly respected by his fellow Officers and that it was a pleasure to promote Sergeant Graham.

Detective Hoffmann and Sergeant Graham were each sworn-in to their new positions by Town Clerk Caitlin Copeland.

The Police Foundation is pleased to welcome both Officers to their new positions within the Juno Beach Police Department.


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