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Today President Trump’s budget is expected to propose drastic cuts to funding for clean energy research and development. As Erin Baker of the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, explains, federal support has helped bring new energy technologies to market – and there are more opportunities on the horizon.

With the return of hot, wet summer weather, concerns about mosquito-borne viruses such as Zika are heating up again, too. Boston University’s Michaela Schultz describes new mosquito management strategies that rely on releasing insects into the wild that researchers have infected with bacteria, making them unable to pass on the viruses that affect us.

And why Ramadan – which starts this Friday – is called Ramadan: Mohammad Hassan Khalil of Michigan State University explains the spiritual significance of the Muslim month of fasting.

Jennifer Weeks

Editor, Environment and Energy

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Checking the power output of a photovoltaic concentrator array built by Martin Marietta, Inc., at Sandia National Laboratory in Albuquerque, New Mexico. USDOE/Flickr

With a tight federal budget, here's where to focus clean energy research funding

Erin Baker, University of Massachusetts Amherst

President Trump's budget reportedly will slash funding for clean energy research and development. An energy expert explains the importance of government support and spotlights some key opportunities.

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