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Protect Me From What I Want

D. Porthault Linens

Sounds like a trick question, but what do Rick Owens and Paris Hilton have in common? D. Porthault’s bed linens.

With a legacy that spans more than 100 years, this storied French textile house is best known for its bold mix of design and colour, but that doesn't mean the brand is off limits for the minimalist...

“When we moved to Paris ... I asked D. Porthault to produce sheets in my favorite gray, which I then also sell in my stores” - Rick Owens, Vanity Fair (2003)

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Protect Me From What I Want

COCO-MAT Pillows

"The innocent seldom find an uncomfortable pillow" - William Cowper

Handmade in Xanthi, Northeast Greece, COCO-MAT produce some of the very best natural-fibre mattresses and pillows on the market.

Life hack - you can browse all their partners via the hotel locator tool here (for when we can travel again).

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Protect Me From What I Want

Brinkhaus Duvets

Eiderdown farming in Iceland has been a heavily-protected sustainable practice for over 1000 years.

A favourite amongst European Royalty, this super rare fibre is softer, more insulating and more resilient than the finest white goose down - it's astronomically more expensive too...

🦆 Eider duck feature via Business Insider 🕵️

Duvet-stealing is a serious crime


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