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Protect Me From What I Want

Render Protection

As the proud owner of more than 26GPUs I know how much protection is needed in the custom PC build space.

A community formerly known for neon spec'd-out builds and ugly logos, there are now a couple of vendors building blacked-out render ops machines promising to run "65-75C at 50% fan speed on a custom fan curve in MSI Afterburner".

Hopefully what you make with it will look half as good as the 4GPUs in a row.

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Protect Me From What I Want


While taveling up and down the endless aisles of a bitcoin farm looking for the one beeping node, you need a laptop which does the job, looks the part, and has the necessary connections.

Form follows functions in all it's nerdy beauty.


Protect Me From What I Want


I was deliberating over the price of an OD-11 for five years before finally buying one. I have never looked back and the manual alone was probably worth the price. It redefined my standard of what attention to detail means beyond Apple.

Spend money on the things you touch every day.

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