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Better Beaufort News 12/8/14

Action Plan in Action!

Local resident Jenny Brandsma took our Network Action Plan seriously when she decided to plant out the Highgate Drycleaners garden bed with some new greenery, providing all the soil and toil herself!  The Highgate Drycleaner has promised to look after Jenny's plants and we can all enjoy the new garden.

The Action Plan is all about people taking small steps, small actions and not waiting for 'others to do it for you'.  You can read more about it on our website {here}.

Thanks Jenny - it looks fantastic and these small individual actions certainly help to make Beaufort Street better!  

The Laneway Collective

The Laneway Collective is a recently created collaboration that works to set up street artists with residents to revitalise unused areas with murals.  Their first project is in the Grosvenor Road Laneway in Mount Lawley.  It is a 150m long laneway with over 30 different walls incorporating over 30 different artists.  Currently the Collective are talking with the Beaufort Street Festival about combining the painting of the laneway on the day of the festival - scheduled for the 15th of November.   This will ensure that the artists work will be seen by over 100,000 people, as well as creating a unique artistic space on the day (art stalls, music and a chill out area is also being discussed for the laneway in conjunction with the live street art).

Both the home owners and local artists are very keen to be involved. Prominent artists such as Stormie Mills, Amok Island,  Fieldey, Jerome Davenport, Andrew Fraser, Dan Duggan, Melski and Rob Jenkins amongst others have all registered their interest in this project.

There is an amazing opportunity here to be involved. The Laneway Collective would like to talk  to local businesses to see if they would be interested in sponsoring an artist - either a prominent/established local artist or an up and coming local artist. 

Mel McVee would be more than happy to answer any queries or questions you might have. Her number is 0406 431 664 and you'll find a link to their facebook page [here]

Want to make the POP UP PIAZZA permanent?


Help turn this space into something we can ALL enjoy, a mini-oasis in the hustle and bustle of Beaufort Street.
To make it a reality – give your view now. We mean RIGHT NOW! 3 days to go.

The City of Vincent's public consultation on the Mary Street Piazza initiative is closing this Friday 15th August.

We are loving the idea and the way so many people (despite the sometimes inclement weather) interacted.  We hope you did too.

PLEASE, please, please take the time to fill out this very short survey and don't forget to share!

Public Consultation Form {here}

The Beaufort Street Art Market

With a big thank you to our hard working executive Lesley Thomas our first Art Market will be held on:

Sunday 7th September between 9am and 1pm

so be sure to head on down to:

Barlee Street Carpark (cnr. Beaufort Street)

to meander through a selection of artisan stalls and view the public hanging displays from local artists.

If you are an artist who would like more information on either exhibiting or having your own stall please don't delay as application forms are available on request and we are happy to answer any questions you might have.  

Please give Lesley Thomas a call on 0403 220 927 or email: beaufortstreetmarkets@gmail.com

(Please note applications for stalls are due by 18th August)

Are you keen?

The Beaufort Street Network has developed a plan for a Better Beaufort Street. It’s already an exciting and unique place, but it could be even better.

Great places don’t just happen. They need to be created by people for people. It takes some hard work. But there are huge benefits. We get an amazing place where we can relax, shop, meet friends, live, work and play. A place to feel proud of.

The Network is seeking keen people to be part of a select new group to deliver actions on the street. No experience is required, but we need keen and motivated people. You can see what we've already done, what we are currently doing and some future ideas at http://beaufortstreet.com.au/about/currentprojects/.

If you are interested, please email: hello@beaufortstreet.com.au or call Pam 0413610660 or Dean 0468381745 for a chat.

If you have creative ideas that can be delivered quickly and inexpensively, let us know. Every small action is important for creating a Better Beaufort Street.