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Experimenting with Change

Change can be scary and exciting at the same time, but it is important to experience and make change. Without change who knows I may have had to write this newsletter with a feather and inkpot! That’s a very extravagant example but you get the idea, change moves us forward and pushes us into the unknown. When we make change sometimes we can expect a certain outcome and other times we have no idea what is going to happen but we take the step holding the hope that we are making our way down the road to a better tomorrow. Of course sometimes we read a sign incorrectly, take wrong turn and end up on the road of “whoops shouldn’t have done that”, but that’s all part of the experience. Lucky in this newsletter we didn’t experience any wrong turn scenarios, instead we have made and experienced changes that have kept us right on track to a better Beaufort and a better tomorrow.

Pam in USA

Over the last few weeks the Chairman of the BSN has been waltzing her way through America. All jealousy aside, we loved seeing her Facebook updates and couldn’t help but smile at what an amazing time she seemed to be having. Pam updated us on her travels to a number of places including Savannah, New Orleans, New York City and South Carolina; however there were 2 of her updates that we loved the most. While Pam was away she visited the NYC high line, an old railway that has been turned in to a walking parkland, the view looked amazing. The transformation was amazing and reminded us at the network of our mural program. The beautification of the railway was a wonderful of the benefits of change as the High Line is now a well-known tourist attraction in NYC.

Pam was also in New Orleans when the news broke about Marriage Equality in America! She said the atmosphere was sensational as parties continued all around New Orleans despite the rainy weather. Pam felt so fortunate to have witnessed what will be such a memorable moment in America’s history; hopefully we can experience this wonderful atmosphere in Australia soon.

Welcome home Pam, we can’t wait to hear all about your travels in person.

Farewell to one of our Executive Committee Members

It is with a heavy heart that we bid farewell to Ryan Knowles, a long standing Executive Committee member of the Beaufort Street Network. Ryan has been a fantastic asset to the network and has been integral to both the Membership Committee and Beaufort Street Festival Steering Committee. He has imparted his knowledge and expertise and provided great insight and ideas to help create a better Beaufort Street for his community…… and then this one time he acted as Secretary and took minutes, oh boy I think we hurt his head!
We wish you all the very best in your new role in Melbourne and hope to see you back in Perth and on Beaufort Street soon!

The Magic of the Mural

The city of Vincent has made a wonderful documentary that captures the story, success and power of the Mural Program we began in 2013. The murals have benefited our streets in a number of ways that truly challenges perception of how much art can influence well-being in a community. The murals not only support our wonderful local artists they also add life and colour to our streets, evoke a safer feeling environment, increase wider community’s interest in our streets and enhance the experience of visiting our welcoming area. The City of Vincent, surrounding businesses and community of Vincent have been an essential element in the success of the mural program, we thank everyone for their efforts and hope the program continues to succeed and benefit our community in more ways than we can imagine.

To watch the Doco click the link

Uncharted VIP night

Uncharted are having an exclusive VIP’s only night of shopping on the 2nd of July. The night will provide guests to experience a whole new way of shopping. VIP shoppers will be free to browse the wonderful works in peace while also sipping on a glass…… or two of free champagne. You will also receive 10% off all purchases on the night! This offer is only available to those who register in advance and there are only a limited number of spaces left so get in fast! To register click the link

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