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MAY 2013

News from Relegen

Welcome to the May 2013 edition of Relegen News.

We hope your year is off to a healthy start. We look forward to another year of successfully supporting our clients in the delivery of people and capability support and asset intelligence technology.

As always, if you have any questions or comments please email us at We’d love to hear from you.


The business value of high quality asset data

With industry resource giants announcing cost cutting measures due to rising operating costs and softer market conditions, asset managers are being asked to do more with less. However, a new report from the Aberdeen Group reveals that even with reduced operational budgets, organisations can cut additional costs and significantly improve productivity with a data-driven approach to asset management. Best-in-class organisations were shown to have had a 30% reduction in maintenance costs [vs. 0% in poorer performers], only 1.7% in unscheduled asset downtime [vs. 14.8%] and outperform return on asset expectations by 20% [vs. -11%]. These metrics show when companies use historical and real-time analytics to improve asset management, business processes and operations, they are at a competitive advantage. The findings also indicated that top performers were actively investing in new technology to transform asset data silos into actionable intelligence to extend asset lifecycles, improve reliability, lower costs, minimise energy usage, reduce wastage and boost bottom line performance.
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Relegen has provided a subject matter expert to the Technical Regulation Services area of the Royal Australian Navy’s Surface Force [SURFOR]. In an environment as complex as the RAN, compliance is mandatory and forms part of the implementation of the RIZZO Report & Fleet Technical Regulatory Review requirements across SURFOR.

assetDNA copper project

assetDNA is helping to track copper from pit to warehouse at what will be one of the world’s largest copper mines when it reaches full production in 2018. Asset intelligence software and RFID-based asset ID’s will help this client gain real-time insights into the movement of copper bags, deliver improved security and enable better business decisions.

AASSPO project managers

Relegen continues to deliver project management services to the Amphibious and Afloat Support System Program Office [AASSPO]. Our team is providing support to AASSPO to assist and ensure the ongoing technical integrity of amphibious vessels in order to achieve and maintain high-availability of ASSSPO's amphibious operations.


DIscussing all things asset intelligence

We’ve just created a new asset intelligence technology and applications blog at where we’ll be discussing a wide range of relevant topics for our readers shared learning. We’ll use it to help keep you on top of industry news and trends, share insights into emerging technologies, highlight new applications for wireless asset tracking and more. You can read our first post here: Bridging the gap with asset intelligence. Most importantly, we’d love to hear your suggestions for future blog articles. [Email us your blog topic suggestions]


Improve asset intelligence with an assetDNA refresher course

Relegen is currently offering FREE customer workshops for existing user sites needing a refresher course on assetDNA so we can help you identify new ways to improve your use of the system. These workshops will include a review of assetDNA’s services and functionality and work through recent case studies to demonstrate real-life applications relevant to your business. All workshops will be conducted using the latest version of assetDNA and include a preview of our asset intelligence technology roadmap. [Book your FREE customer workshop today!]


Relegen Pty Ltd

Relegen is a leading provider of people and technology to Defence, Mining, Government and other asset-intensive industries. We are an accredited Major Service Provider on the DMOSS Panel, ISO 9001 certified and a preferred supplier to top tier firms.

Asset intelligence

Developed by engineers in real-world environments, assetDNA is a complete asset intelligence technology solution that helps organisations to improve their approach to asset management and make better business decisions with data they can trust.

New assetDNA Pilot Kit

The new assetDNA Pilot Kit is the asset management industry’s first fully-integrated rapid deployment solution. Engineered for the ultimate implementation experience, it assembles everything - software, asset IDs, mobile EAM, services & more, in a box.
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