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As a Together Rx Access® cardholder, we want to provide you with tools to help you stay healthy, manage chronic conditions, and be informed about changes in healthcare. Take care of what is most important – your health.

Prepare NOW for the Health Insurance Marketplace

On October 1, you will be able to review the available health insurance programs in the marketplace to determine which plan or plans may be best for you and your family. All of the insurance plans, as well as programs available through Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), will use one simple application form. And, there will be many ways to enroll − online, using a toll-free number, by mail or in person. Read below to learn how you can prepare now for the marketplace.

#1 Sign-up for Email or Text Alerts

Get the latest news about the health insurance marketplace and options available to you. Visit healthcare.gov or marketplace.cms.gov to subscribe.

#2 Watch "The Health Insurance Marketplace" Video

Learn how individuals, families and businesses can obtain health insurance.  WATCH VIDEO

#3 Make a Benefits Checklist

What benefits do you need? What coverage do you want for your children? Write down the benefits that you and your family need so you can determine which plan or plans may be best for you. Review your benefits “wish list” with your healthcare provider or pharmacist to ensure you will have all you need to stay healthy.

Together Rx Access is Here to Help You

We offer resources to help you stay healthy. The Together Rx Access website, TogetherRxAccess.com, provides information and resources to help you save on prescription medicines, learn about healthcare changes, manage chronic conditions and connect with others who are also striving to maintain healthy habits.

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