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For this months newsletter we have decided to start a new annual tradition, which is to compile an update of the things you found most interesting this year to help you see what people in the sector are interested in.

As you will have seen over the last year we have increased the amount best practice stories and blogs that we put out in line with your recommendations; we hope to continue to do this and encourage you all to get in touch to share good practice and questions.

In another exciting development we are looking to turn the monthly quiz into something that you can claim CPD credits for as well as the chance to win a £20 gift voucher. As always this update is intended to help further your knowledge and give you the chance to celebrate your success, so please do feel free to get in touch - after all, you are the industy.

Apologies for the large empty yellow block where the contents usually are - unfortunately the software we use has no way of reducing its size - just skim past it to see the infographic.

Wishing you all a Happy New Year from all of us at Constructing Equality Ltd


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For your chance to win a £20 John Lewis voucher just answer three questions about the newsletter through the Constructing Equality Ltd Website.

Last month’s winner was Lynsey Downie of Macform Ltd

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This month we have been following the Tweets of @LetToysBeToys who have been leading the way in campaigning for retailers to stop limiting childrens' potential and imagination by designating certain toys as being specifically for boys or for girls. Because toys are a gateway drug to careers.


Diversity Equals Quiz

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This month’s quiz covers the whole of 2013. Fortunately you can find all of the answers in our infographic! As always the prize is £20 in John Lewis vouchers for one lucky participant drawn at random from our special hat.

Last month's winner was Lynsey Downie from Macform Ltd Well done!

To enter the quiz, please go to the Constructing Equality Ltd website.

1) What is FLUID?
a) A web resource about liquid-phase health and safety
b) A diversity mentoring programme
c) An action group for people living on flood plains

2) One of our ‘most clicked’ features of the year was a downloadable guide for employers. What was it?
a) Mental Health SOS Guide
b) Social Value Act Guidelines
c) Handy Hints for Diverse Holidays

3) The BIS ‘Spot The Difference’ Campaign highlights what subject?
a) Sustainability
b) CITB Be Fair Framework
c) The National Minimum Wage