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Hope for harmonisation: A message from our CEO

My second week with GECA saw me jump on a carbon offset flight to Brussels for the European Commission Environmental Footprint Conference, held from 3 – 4 November 2015.

The theme of the European conference was ‘harmonisation’. This is a powerful and relevant foundation for the design of GECA's renewed vision and direction for driving sustainable sourcing, production and consumption across the whole supply chain.

In the Australian context of sustainability, we often talk about the fact that Europe is far ahead. I had not realised how far ahead. Read more.

Case study: A safe school for chemically-sensitive students

Hughes Primary School, ACT, was faced with the challenge of finding ways to create a safe and inclusive environment for students with chemical sensitivities.

Tersano Australia was able to provide the school with their Lotus Pro cleaning system, which transforms water into Stabilised Aqueous Ozone, an effective cleaner, stain remover, sanitiser and deodoriser – all without any dyes or fragrances, or harsher, harmful substances.

Principal of Hughes Primary School, Kate Smith, says making the switch has made “a world of difference” in the two specialist classrooms that cater for students with chemical sensitivities. Read more.

Sutainability the "next boom" for Australian economy: report

Across Australia and around the world, demand for sustainable goods and services is booming, according to a recent report released by The Future Business Council.

The report shows that "sustainability should not be seen as a cost, but a business opportunity", and that there is an ever-growing demand for sustainable goods and services - especially those with a trusted certification scheme behind them.

Find out more details, check out their findings and download a copy of the report here!

Event: Demanding Change by Changing Demand

'Demanding change by changing demand' is the first event in Australia discussing credible certification and sustainability standards, bringing together key brands, businesses, retailers and NGOs to examine challenges and opportunities for sustainability standard setting and what the future could look like beyond certification.

Our CEO, Kate Harris, is a key speaker at the event and will be exploring the role of certification in harmonisation and the importance of collaboration to achieve this.

The event is held on the 25th November at the IBIS Melbourne Hotel. More details are available on the event website, and you can purchase tickets here.

Congratulations to sustainability award winners!

The past two months have been full of awards programmes celebrating everything green and sustainable. GECA would like to congratulate all the finalists and winners of the International Green Interior Awards, the Banksia Awards, and the Green Globe awards for their innovation and leadership in sustainable business and design.

The results of the 2015 International Green Interior Awards were unveiled on Thursday, 5th November. The overall winner and winner of the Lendlease Office (Large) category was the Google Head Office in South Africa, which was packed full of fascinating interior design initiatives, like upcycled jeans for upholstery, and recycled magazines used for cladding.

There were many inspiring sustainability initiatives unveiled for the Banksia Sustainability Awards, which were presented on Friday 13 November. South Australia's Kalleske Wines were the overall winners, and Fieldtech Solutions won the 'Products for the Built Environment' category which GECA helped to judge.

The NSW Government’s Green Globe Awards winners were announced on 15 October, with an impressive list of winners across multiple categories

Designbook: a new resource for sustainable products

Designbook is a new online interactive online platform and resource to help homeowners and architects find sustainable products. It currently receives over 30,000 visitors per month. Users of designbook can search, collate, annotate and share information from over 150 projects from the pages of Green magazine and an extensive listing from relevant suppliers.

Any product listed on Designbook can select if they are GECA certified. This allows users to also specifically search for GECA certifed products. You can view our own page on Designbook here.

GECA has teamed up with Designbook to offer a special deal for our licensees to advertise at a special reduced rate - more details here.

Do you trust GECA? Vote for us!

GECA has been nominated in the 2015 Architecture & Design's Trusted Brands Survey under 'Environmental Products'. The many outstanding products certified with our ecolabel are leaders in sustainability and this award would also be representing each one of them!

Every vote counts, so if you think we are worthy, you can vote here.