Making Shalom


In just a few weeks we will be gathering in Lima, Peru for our 6th Triennial Global Consultation: Integral Mission and Shalom: justice, peace, joy.

Have you ever wondered what the difference was between peace and Shalom (or Biblical peace)? Peacemaking focuses on stopping conflict. Shalom goes much, much further; demanding transformation of unjust social and economic systems. Shalom points to the Kingdom of God – it aspires to have things the way they should be.

Violence may be considered the opposite of peace, but if we were to seek an opposite for Shalom, it would be injustice. The very character of God is one of justice, so when God reigns, or when things are as they should be (the Kingdom of God), then justice reigns.

Peacemaking and reconciliation are on the agenda of most aid agencies, the UN and many governments. But peacemaking that avoids the issue of truth and justice simply puts a plaster over a festering wound which will, over time, break out again.
I want to suggest to us all that what we need to be pursing is Shalom-making!

We need to ask ourselves then “what kind of justice leads to Shalom?” We will be looking at this question more fully in Peru in September, but to highlight one aspect that is seen throughout Scripture, God’s judgement of the nations of the earth is a judgement against the powerful who exploit the poor and vulnerable. His judgement is for those in need. From this we can understand that God calls us to help those in need, but he also calls us to hold those in power to account. This is integral to Shalom-making.

As we gather in Peru, we want to explore how we can do this together more effectively. We have called for papers on this subject to be sent is and many of you have done so. These will be published this month on our website here. I encourage you to read them and respond. But we also need to hear from you about what the issues of concern are that we need to focus on – so I invite you to send us a paragraph or two about what you feel God is calling is to focus  our Shalom-making on. Send your feedback to Roland at and he will collate and give to all attending Peru and send a copy to all our members. This will help us develop our advocacy focus together.

I know many of you have wanted to join us in Peru but have faced the challenges of flight costs etc. I feel a bit like a mother hen, wanting to gather everyone together! I don’t want anyone to be missing. Can I encourage you, if you are able to help towards one other person to attend – please do. A big thank you to those who have already sent what they can whether it be $20 or $200, it all adds up to enable one person who is really longing to be there attend. We still have 23 people awaiting help. See here for a helpful opportunity letter you can use to raise support within your church and friends. Let us know what you can raise and we will give you a hopeful participant to stand with. Thank you in advance.

Grace and peace

Sheryl Haw
International Director


On the Horizon: Lima

6th Triennial Micah Global Consultation

Integral Mission & Shalom: justice, peace, joy

14th - 18th September, 2015
Lima, Peru

Only one month to go until we gather together for a time of fellowship, learning, networking and challenging as we seek to envision God's Shalom as it is imagined and strived for by our members around the world.

There is still time to register for this important event. Please do so via the online form here.

If you are attendingthe Consultation, please make sure you have read all the important information on this page. If you have not finalised your flights, visa, insurance, please contact:

Papers and Pre-Reading
Everyone can make the most of the collated writings and presentations that have been submitted in response to the theme of Integral Mission & Shalom. These are gradually being collected and uploaded here.

We encourage you to consider how you can support a deserving Micah member to join us in Lima. To discuss these opportunities, please send us an email.

News: Draft SDGs Proposal Agreed

SDG News

Although it will not be formally be adopted until the Sustainable Development Summit in New York in September, the outcome document which outlines the Sustainable Development agenda (including the Sustainable Development Goals - SDGs) has been agreed upon earlier this month by the 193 member States of the United Nations.

The document, entitled "Transforming Our World: The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development", says:

"We are resolved to free the human race within this generation from the tyranny of poverty and want and to heal and secure our planet for the present and  for  future  generations... We are determined to take the bold and transformative steps which  are urgently needed to shift  the  world onto a sustainable and  resilient path. As we embark on this collective journey, we pledge that no one will be left behind."

You can access the full document here and read more about the background to this process here.

Micah is committed to continuing our work in raising awareness of international development frameworks including the Sustainable Development Goals. We look forward to sharing the journey with you and partnering with diverse groups as we seek to bring a Kingdom perspective to the fight against poverty, injustice and conflict.

Training: Transformational Development Course


The Institute for Studies in Asian Church and Culture (ISACC), a member of Micah, are hosting this intensive training course from September 21 - October 2, 2015.

Course Title: Transformational Development:
Integrating Faith and Culture in Empowering the Poor

This is a two-week certificate course designed for leaders and field managers of faith-based organizations, to help them integrate their faith in doing culturally-sensitive development work.

Course Fee: PhP 15,000 or US$ 350 per module

The course features:

- Daily Bible reflections on the specific topics of the day
- In-depth mentoring sessions with a multicultural, multi-disciplinal faculty
- Multiple learning formats and communication strategies, including case studies, site visits, and small group workshops
- A liturgical center that fosters community and spiritual growth

Don't miss out on this quality training opportunity. More information: click here.

Advocacy Coordinator – Micah Global

News update: we plan to launch the recruitment process for our Micah Global Advocacy Coordinator in the coming weeks. We had hoped to have this position appointed before September but our focus has understandably been on preparing the Global Consultation.

We have in the meantime asked Amanda Jackson (formerly with Micah Challenge) to assist us in developing resources and materials for our Micah Sunday (18th October 2015), which will enable us to mobilise churches in our communities to do a special service on that date which focus on issues of poverty, injustice and conflict. These resources will be available in a few weeks on our web site. In the meantime, we invite you start the dialogue with churches in your area and ask them consider having a specials service on the 18th October (Micah Sunday) to help their congregations gain awareness about the injustice of poverty and be inspired as to what they can do in response.

Micah National Events

Myanmar: National Integral Mission Conversation
Theme: Truth and Reconciliation
Dates: 11th - 13th August, 2015

Venue: Bishops' Court, Church of the Province of Myanmar
140, Pyidaingsu Yeikthar Road
Yangon - Myanmar
Registration is NOW OPEN. Click here for full details or email

Cameroon - Celebration and Sorrow
4th September, 2015
Details coming soon

Australia: Voices for Justice
10th - 13th October, 2015
BE INSPIRED by God’s heart for justice and grow deeper in understanding our biblical response.
BE EMPOWERED to put faith into action and use your voice to speak on behalf of the voiceless
BE HEARD by the nation’s leaders and have an impact on Australia’s response to global poverty.

Bangladesh: National Integral Mission Conversation
Theme: Intergal Mission and Church
25th - 28th November, 2015

Guest Speaker: Rev. CB Samuel (India)

Learning Opportunities

Other events

BalatonNet 2015
The local community and the local church
Lake Balaton, Hungary
19th - 23rd August, 2015

Hosted by the Hungarian Evangelical Alliance, BalatonNET is a Christian, interdenominational event for all age groups, for great and small, at the Lake Balaton. Quality Bible teaching, interdenominational fellowship, children and youth programs, concerts, mission exhibition and a fun beach program – these are all part of the unique BalatonNET experience.
Keynote speaker: Rev. CB samuel

More information: click here.

New Parish Conference 2015
Birmingham, UK
2nd - 3rd October, 2015

God places us in our neighbourhoods for purpose, but also to link more broadly with others to seek God's shalom in the whole world. In our world of growing inequalities and competitiveness, how can we link diverse people and places together in solidarity so all can flourish through Jesus?

More information: click here.

Accord Network Developing Excellence Forum
Colorado Springs, USA
9th - 13th November, 2015

This years' forum will feature the following core topics:
- Grassroots Advocacy
- Integral Mission & Leadership
- Relief
- Water, Sanitation & Hygiene (WASH)

More information: click here.

Mission without Conquest

An Alternative Missionary Practice

Hot off the press a new book by Frank and Ute Paul & Willis Horst. This book is part of the Langham Global Perspectives Series (ISBN: 9781783689163)

Frank Paul, who is part of the OJC (Offensive Junger Christian) Community in Germany, and is a member of Micah, will be sharing on this in a workshop at our Global Consultation next month in Peru. Why not read this book in preparation.

About Mission without Conquest book:
Almost sixty years ago, the Mennonite missionary team working in the Argentine Chaco decided to look for ways to be effective in their ministry while being faithful to Jesus’ lifestyle and teaching. They left behind paternalistic models and “conquering” methods and were liberated from the mindset of forming a denominational church. As a result, they found an alternative missionary style of walking alongside those they worked with, giving priority to the integrity of the local people. Mission Without Conquest is a historical narrative of how the Toba Qom people of the Argentine Chaco followed Jesus’ way from the time of their conversion until the formation of an autochthonous church.

Reading and Listening

Learning resources

What we Call the Edge, God Calls the Center
by Stephen Bauman, World Relief (via Lausanne Global Analysis)

Doing Mission Inclusively
by Johannes Reimer (via Global Connections)

The Earth is the Lord's!
How Taking a Stand Against Corruption can be Gospel Work
by Dion Forster (via Lausanne Global Analysis)

The Hidden Reason for Poverty the World Needs to Address Now

by Gary Haugen, IJM (via TED Talks)

Book Launch:
Christ-Centered Generosity: Global Perspectives on the Biblical Call to a Generous Life
September 7th, 2015 - 7pm

Stewardship, 1 Lamb’s Passage, London, EC1Y 8AB

More Information: Dr. Sas Conradie

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We encourage all members to share with us news of upcoming events and training opportunities as well as their latest news and testimonies of integral mission, so that we can share these within our networks.

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