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Future Unfolding #14



It's the week after the Game Developers Conference, which means that we're still trying to figure out what time it is and how we fit into it. We were glad to meet you, or sad to miss you, depending on the procedurally-generated layout of our paths through San Francisco. If you couldn't make it and can read German, Robert Glashüttner has a good writeup for you on what makes GDC so special.

We were invited to show Future Unfolding at the Patreon offices for The MIX event. With every build we're showing publicly, we're getting a little bit closer to the final vision of our game. We got a lot of new stuff for players to explore into the GDC build, such as secret caves (see screenshot above) and depth of field that creates a beautiful effect when your avatar is standing on a plateau.

Future Unfolding

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The advent of consumer-level VR was the big theme at GDC this year. We got to try the Tetris-like SUPERHYPERCUBE with a PlayStation VR headset at the Day of the Devs booth. It was a lot of fun to move around with your whole body to solve the spatial puzzles. It feels like the perfect showcase title for PSVR and we can't wait to play the final game.

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