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Help Kathy Celebrate Her 60th!

Step Up to Kathy’s Sixty-Sixty Challenge!

Dear Friends,

As my 60th birthday approaches this month, I have a few things I want to share with you: a reflection, a prayer, and a challenge. First, a reflection.  At times I haven’t always felt the presence of Jesus on my journey, but because I believe what He said – “I will never leave you or forsake you” – I have learned to live by faith and not by feelings. I believe what His Word tells me is true. I’ve thought so many times, “Even when I don’t know what to do, or which way to go I know this is the right place to be because the creator of the universe is with me.” And looking back, I’m grateful that He’s been faithful to me, even when I was not faithful. My prayer is that you will know and trust Him, too, through your own years and birthdays.

My “Sixty-Sixty Challenge” to you is this:
Help me celebrate my 60th birthday by contributing $60 to BCI. Your donation will help send three kids to a BCI Basketball Plus Camp!

BCI Basketball Plus Camps focus on various aspects of the game, enhanced by memorable leadership and character-building workshops. It’s amazing to see pro players – who are worthy of the “role model” title – sharing their values and real-life experiences with the next generation of heroes!

Camps are usually organized in the spring and summer, with 150 kids per camp. Scholarships are needed and we provide them, with your help. We have tentatively scheduled seven camps for 1,050 urban youth. It’s going to cost BCI $20 per child to make this happen. Your donation of just $60 will sponsor three kids!

Donate online here or send a check to:
Basketball Club International, 1880 Arapahoe St #3203 Denver, CO 80202.

Thanks for celebrating with me! It’s not every day that a woman will reveal her age – unless it’s for a great cause!

Looking Up,

Kathy Scheuerman
President and Co-founder, Basketball Club International

Love the Madness?

At BCI, we‘re still feeling pumped up from the excitement of Midnight Madness in October and we’d like to offer our best wishes to all collegiate players and coaches. We’re looking forward to an exciting season! And hearing inspiring stories like Adjehi Baru’s journey from a hard life in the Ivory Coast to the College of Charleston (with NCAA clearing him to play) gives us more reasons to celebrate. Read Adjehi’s story here.

Twitter Wrap-Up

• Can't wait for college basketball to start!!
• “You will certainly carry out God’s purpose, but it makes a difference to you whether you serve like Judas or like John.” - CS Lewis
• New day, new opportunities!! Have a blessed day!!

Facebook Wrap-Up

• We're excited for our friend Allan Houston and his father, Coach Wade Houston, for their partnership with the iStar Charity Foundation on Oct. 15 in Upper-Manhattan. The iStar Charty Shootout 5 Borough Basketball Tour presented the Allan Houston Legacy Foundation's "Father Knows Best" program to more than 208 father/son and mentor/mentee pairs at the event, which more than 1200 people attended. Check out the event here: www.AllanHouston.com/FKBNation

What’s Next for BCI

• BCI Edge is now pursuing tournaments for 2012.
• We’re scheduling camps for next year. Contact us if we should consider your area!
• BCI Loop is growing, and there are exciting plans in development. Stay tuned!



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