Ashura in Syria. Tasnim News Agency

What is Ashura? How this Shiite Muslim holiday inspires millions

Noorzehra Zaidi, University of Maryland, Baltimore County

For Muslims, Ashura marks the martyrdom of the Prophet Muhammed's grandson Hussain.

Mary E. Harper (left) and Frances Ellen Watkins Harper (right), whose two photos in ‘Atlanta Offering’ are unusual. Unidentified Artist, 1895, Stuart A. Rose Manuscript, Archives, & Rare Book Library, Emory University

The hidden story of two African-American women looking out from the pages of a 19th-century book

Kate Clarke Lemay, Smithsonian Institution; Martha S. Jones, Johns Hopkins University

A 19th-century volume contained a mystery for two historians who combined their knowledge to tell the story of the women and their contributions to American democracy.


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