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March Update - New Work

Fresh in and on display in Annan Gallery is new work from three regular gallery artists Beth Robertson Fiddes, George Birrell and Marion Drummond and from an artist new to us - Linda Park.  Linda brings an architect's eye and perspective to landscapes in Scotland and in the medieval Bastide towns of the Aquitaine region.  Taster from each artist below, more on the gallery website.

Beth Fiddes. West Beach Wave, Berneray. 150 x 120 cm. mixed media on panel

Beth Fiddes. St Kilda, Night. 76 x 60 cm. mixed media on panel

. 40 x 40 cm mixed media

George Birrell. Blues No 4. 40 x 40 cm mixed media

George Birrell. Aberdeenshire Castle, Spring. 102 x 106 cm. oil on canvas

d. Red Lilies.


Marion Drummond. Red Lilies. 92 x 61 cm. oil on board

Marion Drummond. Lemon Arrangement. 92 x 78 cm. oil on board

Linda Park. Summer Storm Brewing Towards Aviemore. 52 x 40 cm oil on board

Linda Park. St Emilion Spire. 30 x 40 cm oil on board.

Upcoming Show - Foyle, Nardini, Upton

Three popular and acclaimed Scottish artists in this April Show. Peter Foyle paints cityscape around Glasgow, often taking advantage of the strong sunlight that comes after a passing shower. His alternate subject is the sparkling water of the Grand Canal, Venice.  Peter Nardini freezes a moment in time in his unmistakeable paintings of people observed relaxing during his travels to Perugia in Italy, Venice Beach California and Glasgow's West End.  Erni Upton capitalises on a lifetime spent sailing around West Coast Scotland to paint his favourite beaches and sea loch vistas. Catalogue available on 27 March.