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Seafarer Tax Services

Seafarers working either exclusively, or at least partly, outside of UK waters may be able to reclaim all or at least part of the tax they have paid from their employment income. We can help.


Filing of NHS Pension Certificates

Annual Certificate & Self Assessment Forms The GP (and non GP) Providers Annual Certificate of Pensionable Profits and Type 2 Medical Practitioner – self assessment forms for 2012/13 are required to be completed and filed


Business Travel Expenses

Claims for tax relief in respect of travel expenses have long been a source of conflict between taxpayers and HM Revenue & Customs. The question has always been whether or not certain expenses for business mileage were or were not incurred “wholly and exclusively” in connection with a person’s trade.

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Scam Email Alert

A number of scam emails are currently in circulation, specifically relating to SRA and Royal Mail. Make sure you're in the know before opening such emails.


Important Dates

19 March - The Chancellor of the Exchequer will deliver his Budget to Parliament

19/22 March - PAYE/NIC and CIS deductions due for month to 5/2/2014

31 March - Last minute tax planning for 2013/14 tax year. Ensure you are making use of all your exemptions and allowances


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