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Homelessness is a major problem in many American cities. One positive bit of news is that homelessness among veterans is down almost 50 percent since 2009. But, as UCLA’s Roya Ijadi-Maghsoodi writes, there’s a growing population of homeless vets who are single mothers or supporting young families. New research aims to illuminate their struggles and guide the development of new services at the VA.

On Memorial Day – the day Americans honor those who died in military service: how veterans’ poems can help heal national discord; a proposal for paying for America’s longest war ever; why we need to pay attention to “moral injury” among veterans and four tips for vetting veterans’ charities.

Today would also have also been the 100th birthday of veteran and US president John F Kennedy. Presidential historian Michael Hogan explains why Kennedy remains so very popular with the American people.

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A homeless Vietnam vet begs for money on a Boston street in 2012. Joseph Sohm/Shutterstcok.com

Homeless vets with families: An untold part of veterans' struggles

Roya Ijadi-Maghsoodi, University of California, Los Angeles

Homelessness among veterans overall is on the decline. But researchers see an increasing number of homeless vets who are single mothers or supporting young families.

On Memorial Day

JFK's 100th birthday

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