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Building a community on your street

Food garden in suburban street

Residents in Buderim, Queensland are regularly out and about walking, talking and gardening together. Last year, their integrated, edible nature strips produced 900kg of bananas and 300 cabbages. Best of all, their bountiful produce "keeps a car off the road, makes it easier for the meal, and it's also healthier because you're walking. That's what the neighbourhood is about: walking and engaging."

Want to cultivate a community on your street? Find out how.

Victoria Walks welcomes supporters

We warmly welcome Ballarat, Casey, Maribrynong, Warrnambool and Whitehorse City Councils as Victoria Walks' latest organisational supporters.

This new opportunity is open to all businesses, councils and community groups that aspire to promote happier, healthier, safer, stronger and more sustainable communities.

Make sure your organisation doesn't miss out on this valuable opportunity.

Become a supporter Victoria Walks to enjoy a range of exclusive benefits, or download brochure to find out more.

Victoria Walks Supporter Brochure

Your input can make our streets better for walking

1. Have you been injured by a driver while walking, and are aged 65 or over? Your story is critical to help us promote safer road design for older pedestrians. Please tell us about your experience.

2. Want better bus, tram and walking infrastructure? This detailed survey (10-15 minutes) wants your views on service frequency, facilities & improved provisions for walkers.

Couple walking

Can you walk and talk at the same time?

Some road safety researchers and agencies think talking to other people makes you unsafe crossing the road. 

Certainly smartphones are raising new road safety issues, but Victoria Walks is not convinced pedestrian distraction is as big a problem as is being claimed. Austroads recently released a report arguing that 40% of pedestrians may be distracted crossing the road. But close examination of the evidence they cite does not back that claim – read more here

It seems that ‘pedestrian distraction’ is itself a distraction from the main safety issues for walkers – like drivers who fail to give way, poor road design and high traffic speeds.

Woman talking on the phone while walking

Help us bring you more Walking Maps

We've been bringing you hundreds of walks from all over Victoria in the last 4 years. That's no mean feat for a small (but amazingly productive) charity.

While some walks are created by fellow walkers, many of the best are created professionally, which can cost $500 - $800 per walk. We also contract web developers to improve the Walking Maps website so that it's easy to use and inspires people to step out. Like most things in life, all of this costs money.

Would you be willing to chip in $10, $25, $50 or more to help us bring you more walks?

Your contribution is tax deductible and a receipt will be provided. Thank you!

Walking Maps website

Walks of the month

This month's walks feature scenic autumnal landscapes in some of Victoria's best loved regions:

Family walk about Kyneton

Other news and reports

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Your neighbourhood is at your feet: step out and explore.  Make your streets safe, attractive and fun!