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Have we got a FATHER'S DAY for you!

There is so much happening on the strip this Sunday 7th September. Get your 30 minutes in and consider leaving the car behind and taking advantage of this wonderful spring weather. WALK, RIDE or STROLL down to Beaufort Street with the family and we'll see you there!

Sunday 7th September 9am - 1.00pm

Father's Day on Beaufort takes on another dimension! Take in a long, lazy breakfast or a languid lunch on the strip at one of our many amazing restaurants or cafes, followed with a stroll down to the corner of Barlee Street in the carpark area to visit our first Beaufort Street Art Market!

To whet your appetite we've listed a few of the participating artists in this newsletter -  but there are more!

Visit our Fence Gallery, a display of local artists canvasses, illustrations, sculptures, photography and paintings that will just 'turn up' on the day or meet our Suitcasers in the Suitcase Art Park - a mini stall area filled with designers or browse the 18 amazing Artisan Stalls. 

Visit our website www.beaufortstreet.com.au for more information


Filocamo captures character!

Tell Dad he can be caricatured by a living oxymoron! (Joseph Filocamo's own description of himself!)

Joseph is The Artistic Engineer and is our feature artist at the new Art Market this Sunday.  Especially for Dad on Father's Day Joseph will draw an amazing charicature for your Dad for just $20.00.  You will love it and so will Dad - bring him down and get him all drawn up!   

You can read a full interview with Joseph about his work and his visit to the Art Market here at Foodie Cravings blog. 

I'm the boss and he's the man!

Local pop and stencil artist I'm the Boss (Shane Hughes)  is influenced by everything he comes into contact with. He has a major fascination with the acceptance of all things popular in the public eye and always questions what it is about certain people, products and places that makes them desirable. His work reflects and adapts constantly to everyday happenings as he always looks to combine what he already knows with new discoveries in the world of design.

Check out his work at The Fence Gallery at the Beaufort Street Art Market this weekend.

w:  http://www.imtheboss.com.au
f:   https://www.facebook.com/imthebossartist
t:   https://twitter.com/ImTheBossArtist
i:   http://instagram.com/imthebossartist

"Mama's goin' to buy you a Mockingbird..."

Hey Dad...sing your way down to the Beaufort Street Art Market on Father's Day, your Father's Day present is waiting for you.  Go and visit local glass artist and sculpturist Greg Ash from Mockingbird Glass in the main artisan stall area at the Barlee Street Carpark and select something beautiful!

Behind the Pencil

...is Tankateo who excels at meticulous black and white drawings and who also implusively swaps her precision pen to ink with acrylic, brushes, watercolors, sander and even an engraver. Meet her at the artisan Stall area at the Beaufort Street Art Market.


SPLICEJAM is a series of handmade street art inspired miniatures where two ideas may be harmoniously joined or wildly juxtaposed.
Come and meet Jason McLeod who is one of our Suitcasers - already packed and ready for your enjoyment on Sunday at the Beaufort Street Art Market.

What a great Groper!

Or...more accurately... a 'Cephalopholis Urodeta' in the Grovesnor alley way, Mt Lawley painted by Amok Island together with Fergus McFudge this past weekend.

An amazing initiative has been put together by Mel McVee from the Laneway Collective - as a collaborative connection between many sections of the community. The first major project will create a unique street art gallery in a forgotten laneway between Grosvenor Road and Chelmsford Road in Mount Lawley. The laneway is just behind IGA on Beaufort Street.   30 Artists, 30 Walls - 1 laneway!  Details of the artists involved are here on our website.

We'll keep you posted as it develops - very exciting!

Festival Fings! Let's showcase our street!

Businesses!  Businesses!  Calling all Businesses!   Time to think about COMMUNITY and about PARTICIPATION and about your PROFILE and ACTIVITY on the street for the coming Festival day on the 15th November.  

Think about a fabulous window decoration, in store activity, competitions, giveaways, specials, a hook up with a local entertainer, artist?  

Talk to our Festival Directors at JUMPCLIMB now for support, advice and ideas about how you can best take advantage of the day.

Call Aaron Rutter m: 0429 174 182

e: aaron@jumpclimb.com

Festival Facebook 

Making it BETTER!

We are totally committed to making Beaufort Street a BETTER place! Check out what's happening and planned to happen on our website here  -  we're not finished - we've only just got started.

But we need you - your ideas, your help, your participation.  Why? Because YOU are who we're doing it for so it's all about YOU.

If you love Beaufort Street join our Action Plan Project Team - there are spots available on the team to get things happening and create a Better Beaufort Street! No experience necessary!

Want more details:  email hello@beaufortstreet.com.au NOW!!!!

Keep in contact with us anytime