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Together Rx Access provides you with resources to help you educate your patients, constituents, and those you serve. Share the information we have here and visit our website for more. Together, we can help families and communities take care what is most important – their health!
− Together Rx Access

Help Your Community Go Green and Healthy

Living an eco-friendly lifestyle has numerous benefits for our Earth. And, “going green” can also have a profound impact on a person’s health. The simple changes we make for saving the environment, such as reducing energy use, changing transportation habits, and making different food choices, can also help your patients and members of your community live a longer, healthier life. READ MORE and SHARE these great tips.

How to Recognize an Emotional Crisis

Did you know a person is more likely to come in contact with someone having an emotional crisis than someone having a heart attack or choking on a piece of food? Would those you serve know how to help? Mental Health First Aid is a public education program that teaches people to recognize and respond to people with mental health problems or in a mental health crisis. READ MORE

Getting Questions about Fibromyalgia?

CLICK HERE to listen to our podcast.

As more people are diagnosed with fibromyalgia, there is a need to know more. Our website includes several resources for you to share with those you serve, including a podcast by the National Fibromyalgia and Chronic Pain Association. LISTEN TO OUR PODCAST

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