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Refreshed RSM website launching 11 December 2014

Good afternoon,

RSM will be introducing a new structure and layout of our content on the RSM website on Thursday 11 December. We have looked into the layout of the content in response to client feedback.  The refreshed website structure will make it easier to find information, so our stakeholders and engineers will find it easier to use.

What’s new?

The website will be easier to navigate, making it easier to find information.
The new menu will be as follows:

  • Licensing: including types of licences, how to apply/modify/cancel your licence, list of engineers & examiners, radio operator certificates & callsigns, licence fees, and information for ARE/ARC/ARX.
  • Compliance Requirements: including licence requirements, supplier requirements and prohibited equipment.
  • Projects & Auctions: including consultations, current and completed projects, and spectrum auctions
  • Consumers & Users: including what is interference, buying products from overseas, traveller’s tips, prohibited equipment for consumers, frequencies anyone can use, radio engineers & certifiers available for public work
  • Online Services & Resources: including Register of Radio Frequencies (the Register), Spectrum Search Lite, Register user guides, forms, publications and frequently asked questions
  • About RSM: including who is RSM, news & updates, spectrum policy, international relations, arrangements with other countries.

While none of these changes will affect SMART (Register of Radio Frequencies), the register will now only be referred to as the Register of Radio Frequencies (the Register), and will have the new short link www.rsm.govt.nz/the-register.

What’s the same?

What you will need to do

As a result of the refreshed website, there are three current features that are affected:

  • if your website links to pages within the current RSM website, those links will no longer work. You will need to re-link or edit your hyperlinks after the changes have taken affect.  Links to our homepage, www.rsm.govt.nz, will be unaffected.
  • you will need to re-bookmark your favourite links and saved pages when these changes take effect. Simply visit the pages you wish and re-bookmark or re-save them in your browser’s favourites.
  • if you subscribe to our RSS feeds you will need to update these feeds. After the changes have taken effect, just visit our homepage and click on the RSS button, then drag or cut and paste the URL of the RSS feed into your news reader.

We trust you will enjoy the changes of the RSM website.

If you have any questions about our refreshed website please contact us at info@rsm.govt.nz.