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EDG is taking the fashion world by exhibition – three to be exact. All three are available for booking today!


From 1912 to the mid 1920s – before, during and after World War I – the world underwent enormous social changes and the fashion of the period followed suit.  So we have the vestiges of the bustle-back and hobble skirts as we move to corset-less bodices and shorter skirts; even the advent of the brassiere and the handbag. 

Dressing Downton is based on the widely popular television series Downton Abbey, now in its fourth season, and highlights one of the most exciting and persistently intriguing eras in history.  Set amid the trappings of a great English country estate, the award-winning series explores the lives of its aristocratic inhabitants and their servants – together with the latest fashion trends.  The 35 costumes in the exhibition have in large part been provided by the renowned British costume house, Cosprop Ltd.  They include the dress Lady Mary wears the night Matthew proposes, Lady Sybil’s fashion-forward turquoise harem pants worn at dinner, and a selection of over-the-top ensembles worn by the Dowager Countess played in the series by Maggie Smith.

Organized with Cosprop Ltd., London, England | Photo Still Courtesy of PhotoFest


Approximately 35 costumes on mannequins with costume accessories from the television series, Downton Abbey (seasons 1 to 4)
Film stills
Wall labels and text panels on disc
Gallery guide (design ready files)

Platforms on which to display
the costumes


Approximately 3,500 to 5,000 square feet / 325 to 465 square meters 

12 to 24 weeks

Spring 2015 to spring 2017

Contact EDG at +1 651 222 1121


Approximately 35 costumes on mannequins from the stage, film and television career of Katharine  Hepburn; fashions from her personal collection, including her favorite trousers; film stills, posters, photographs, lobby cards, playbills, stage make-up and other memorabilia

12 to 24 weeks 

October 2014 and beyond

3,500 - 4,000 Square Feet
325 to 370 square meters

Contact EDG at +1 651 222 1121

Publicity photo of Katharine Hepburn as “Tracy Lord” in The Philadelphia Story (stage production), Shubert Theatre (3/28/1939 – 3/30/1940), Miss Hepburn’s costumes by Valentina


Publicity Photo of Katharine Hepburn as “Terry Randall” and Constance Collier as “Miss Luther” in Stage Door, RKO. RKO Radio Pictures/PhotoFest

This publicity shot is from the 1967 film Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?. Katharine Hepburn won a Oscar for her role. Shirt, Vest and pants designed by Joe King


From Katharine Hepburn’s New York City home comes a collection of costumes worn by Hepburn on stage and screen and donated by her estate to the Kent State University Museum in Ohio, where this unique exhibition was created. Through more than 35 costumes selected from the actress’s personal collection, together with photos and memorabilia, the exhibition introduces the world to this renowned actress, role model and fashion icon, who was one of Hollywood’s greatest screen legends. Worn for the stage, for film and television, as well as for publicity shots and in private life, the costumes reflect not only the style of a fashion icon, but also an outspoken, independent and feisty woman.  Hepburn fought for her beliefs and broke down fashion barriers in a career that spanned six decades, and her sense of style influenced countless women, fashion designers, and the informal, elegant approach to American style seen on today's runways.

Hepburn's performance clothes include stage costumes from The Philadelphia Story, Without Love and Coco; screen costumes from such classic films as Stage Door, Adam's Rib and Long Day's Journey Into Night; and her television movies, such as Love Among the Ruins. In addition, the Exhibition includes Hepburn's "signature look," an ensemble of tailored beige trousers and linen jackets, as well as vintage posters, playbills, photos and other Hepburn-related artifacts.

Organized by Kent State University Museum


In another collaboration with Cosprop Ltd., EDG is preparing to send the very successful CUT! exhibition on tour to Europe.  In the meantime, the exhibition is available for booking in North America for a limited time.

CUT! Costume and the Cinema focuses on how period costumes are made for the screen.  Its highlights include costumes from blockbusters such as Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl and the recent Sherlock Holmes as well as films recognized for their incomparable parade of costumes such as The Duchess and The Phantom of the Opera.

Gateway Online said CUT! is “a fun and exciting exhibit that allows museum-goers to experience costumes up-close and personal.” The Reader (Durham, Nebraska) said the exhibition “appeals to movie lovers of all ages” while the St. Petersburg (Florida) Times referred to the costumes as “a really sophisticated version of dress-up . . . all very glamorous and a little nostalgic”.  According to Gay Calgary Magazine, CUT! showcases the "crème-de-la-crème" of costuming in period films. The exhibit aims to showcase the craftsmanship and skill that goes into pieces we only see for mere flashes on film.

Organized with Cosprop Ltd., London, England | photo stills courtesy of PhotoFest

The Science of Rock 'N' Roll
Available spring 2014 and beyond

The International Exhibition of Sherlock Holmes
Available fall 2015

MythBusters: The Explosive Exhibition
Available Fall 2015

The Eye of Napoléon
Available for immediate bookings in North America before an international tour commences

CUT! Costume and the Cinema
Available for immediate bookings in North America before an international tour commences

Dinosaurs Take Wing
Available 2014 and beyond

Heavenly Jade of the Maya
Available 2014 and beyond

the Arts of Piranesi:
artchitect, etcher, antiquarian, vedudista, designer

Available in Europe

Window on the West:
Views from the American Frontier

Available 2014 and beyond

Expressions of Arctic Tradition:
Contemporary Inuit Art

Available for immediate bookings in North America before an international tour commences

Dressing Downton:
Changing Fashion for Changing Times

Available  Spring 2015

Katharine Hepburn:
Dressed for Stage and Screen

Available October 2014
275 East 4th St., Suite 580
Saint Paul, MN 55101