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Westermo improve monitoring capabilities for Czech Republic's largest mining company

Bilina mines

Cost-effective and future-proof network solution using Wolverine Ethernet Extenders improves the ability to control and monitor mining equipment for the Czech Republic's largest mining company.

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Meet Westermo at the most important Rail Events in Europe

We feel that the best way for you to understand the quality and robustness of our solutions is for you to see and touch the actual products. As well as this you will get a chance to meet some of our communications experts who have been involved in data communications solutions for the rail industry going back over many years.

Rail events scheduled for 2013:

SIFER 2013
Date: 26-28 March, 2013
Location: Lille, France
Booth: Stand 2/223

Date: 30 April-2 May, 2013
Location: London, UK
Booth: J34

Nordic Rail
Date: 8-10 October, 2013
Location: Jönköping, Sweden

Complete events calentar can be found here.

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Westermo launches new website in Germany

Westermo is pleased to announce the launch of our new German website. We have a strong local presence in Germany and it is important for us to offer the best possible service to our German speaking customers. The new website reflects the values and culture of Westermo and provides the visitor with the information required to purchase a product or to deliver support within an existing installation.

Visit the website: