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Tri-Affiliate Obesity Prevention Workgroup Releases Primer on the Role of State Public Health in Obesity Prevention

The Tri-Affiliate Obesity Prevention Workgroup released a four-page primer titled “The Role of State Public Health in Obesity Prevention.” Please share this resource widely with your members and colleagues. The new document is available at www.astphnd.org

Aimed at public health professionals, their colleagues in obesity prevention, government officials and others interested in the role of government in obesity prevention, the primer provides an overview of public health principles and explains the role of state public health in obesity prevention. The document outlines why preventing obesity matters and what state health agencies can and are doing to make a difference.

The Association of State and Territorial Public Health Nutrition Directors (ASTPHND), the Directors of Health Promotion and Education (DHPE) and the National Association of Chronic Disease Directors (NACDD) formed a workgroup to increase the effectiveness of their work in addressing the obesity epidemic facing the United States. The organizations are urging their members to work together in order to stem the obesity epidemic and improve public health.

“Our three organizations are committed to working together to share existing resources and develop new tools and training for state health departments,” says ASTPHND’s Executive Director, Karen Probert. “This new paper offers helpful information for public health professionals and features a compelling case study on the obesity prevention efforts underway in the state of Arkansas,” adds Probert.

The three affiliates of the Association of State and Territorial Health Officials (ASTHO) formed the Tri- Affiliate Obesity Prevention Workgroup in 2011 upon the request of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). Together they are aligning their skills, knowledge and resources to maximize efforts, reduce duplication and address gaps. Integration of efforts at the national, state and local levels is important to stemming the obesity epidemic and improving public health. For more information, please contact Ellen Jones, Karen Probert or Susan Goekler.

The product described in this release is made possible by cooperative agreements from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Funding award details are on the product. It cost $1,625 to produce this product, and federal funds covered all of the direct production costs. Development of this product includes in-kind time from state health agency experts.