November 18, 2022

PreK4 eNews

The children have worked hard creating art about the First Thanksgiving. Enjoy these treasures while your child tells you all about the Pilgrims, their Native American friends, and the First Thanksgiving celebration!

We are so thankful for each child, family, and God’s abundant blessings. We hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Next Week

  • Bible Verse:“The angel said, don’t be afraid, I have great news!” Luke 2:10 (We will add Luke 2:11-12 in December, so practice at home as well.)
  • Bible: The Christmas Story
  • Reading/Phonemic Awareness: we will introduce the letter “Jj” and the short vowel sound /j/ makes (Think jar, jam)
  • Math:  #7, number sense, more/less
  • Unit: Gingerbread (We will read many fun versions of this classic!)
  • Show and tell: Bring something that begins with the letter and sound of J.

Important Dates

  • November 21-25: Thanksgiving Break
  • December 15:  Prek/3 day Class Christmas party will be held from 2:25-2:55.  Please see details below regarding book exchange. 
  • December 16: Prek/5 day Classroom Christmas Parties will be held from 12:00-12:45.  School will be dismissed immediately after the Christmas Party.  Homeroom moms are coordinating the class parties (we are so thankful for the help with the parties!) and will contact parents about plans and needed supplies.
  • We will have a book exchange during our Christmas party. Please send in a wrapped book labeled “Boy” or “Girl” or “Either” on or before December 13. 
  • December 19-January 2:  Christmas Break
  • January 3: 1st day of second semester


  • On very cold days, we will have the children wait inside the student building during carline.  We will walk children to their cars. This may take just a minute or two longer than on warm days when we can wait outside, but we want to keep the children warm and safe.
  • If your child brings his/her lunch, DHS mandates the lunch box must contain:  1 protein, 1 grain, 1 fruit and 1 vegetable OR 2 fruits OR 2 vegetables.  Thank you for your help with

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