The All-Seeing Eye - Science Edition

Interactivity has become a requirement for engaging the public - especially younger audiences in museums, science centers, and classrooms. Our immersive environments are not only visually compelling ~ they also help science communicators access the power of interactivity with technologies from the video game industry. Our approach to meaningful, data-based storytelling has developed over years of collaborating with NASA, NOAA, and leading museums. Here’s what we’re up to:

Association of Science & Technology Centers

We’re bringing a digital video globe to ASTC with the full complement of Elumenati interactive software. Our globes are driven by WorldViewer, and since they’re Magic Planet® compatible, they include the Magic Planet library of exhibits developed in hundreds of museums and science centers. We’re also showcasing Eyes on the Earth, Solar System, and Exoplanets - available for the GeoDome and spheres through our collaboration with NASA JPL. We'll be in Booth 200 - drop us a line if you'd like to meet.

Great Lakes Planetarium Association

We’ll be in Booth 7, showing planetarians how the GeoDome Evolver helps digital domes incorporate interactive Earth and space science exploration with Uniview, WorldViewer, and the Eyes platforms.


Eyes on the Geodome and the Magic Planet

The California Science Center upgraded to an OmniFocus projection system in 2013. Now they’re the first Magic Planet in a museum to feature NASA’s Eyes platforms - also on display in NASA JPL’s Earth Science Center. And visitors to the Smithsonian's Air and Space Museum are immersed in NASA mission data with the kiosk version of the software in four Cobra Panoramas.


Custom Installation: Immersion Theater at Aldo Leopold Nature Center

This dynamic theater engages visitors in seamless interactive tours. An edge-blended dual-projector OmniFocus system fills the Immersion Theater with interactive content in both docent-led and user-driven presentations, with WorldViewer, Eyes, and Uniview - helping ALNC fulfill their mission to provide innovative “high-tech, high-touch” programs.


GeoDome Network

Our 40+ GeoDome clients continue to explore new approaches to Earth and space science education, adding WorldViewer and the Eyes platforms to their programming. The newest members of the GeoDome network include the Aldo Leopold Nature Center; Wauwatosa West High School; and the University of Minnesota at Duluth - with both a Theater and an Evolver.


The Eye at the Aspen Ideas Festival

More than 1,000 people experienced presentations inviting them to see a bigger picture of the diverse issues presented at the festival - all created using WorldViewer, from a broad range of data and image sources. We created a custom immersive environment with OmniFocus projection inside a geodesic dome built by the man himself - Buckminster Fuller.