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August update

A busy month with two new artists featured, followed by a show of new work by George Birrell.

Garry Morrow - featured artist

Autumn's First Leaves 40 x 81 cm

to 9 August. Gary Morrow's beautiful portraits use naturalistic lighting to compliment his models in wistful moments. He deploys low key lighting to emphasise contours in shadow, back lighting to give depth and high key light to emphasise the silky patina of skin. The same emphasis on lighting marks his neo-classical still life studies. A rising star with a lengthy list of commissions just now, catch Gary Morrow's work online or in the gallery where it is on show until 9 August.

Woodland Walk 66 x 91 cm

Rhododendron 75 x 122 cm

Lemon Rose 33 x 33 cm

Copper Jug with White Rose 36 x 36 cm

Joe Hendry - featured artist

The Thinker

10 - 21 August. Known for his celebrity portraits and those unashamedly cheeky beefcake kilt art figures of recent years, Joe  Hendry takes a more reflective and measured approach to the figure studies on show in this slot.  Working title - 'Another Country' - deliberately associates these paintings with the biq question of Scottish identity that we face next year.

Small Blue Thing

Independent Man

George Birrell solo

23 Aug - 08 Sep. Later in August we welcome George Birrell to Annan Gallery for a fourth solo show.  George, fascinated by East Neuk fishing villages ever since his first visit as an art student, captures the rhythm of their cottage rows and the fishing jumble scattered around harbour walls then plays with the colours to produce his unique style of painting.

His work will feature in detail in our next update

Jolomo Prize 2013 winner - Dawnne McGeachy

26 Oct - 03 Nov. Dramatic paintings of West Coast waves and of their dynamic effects on Scottish trawlers caught the attention of the judges who recently awarded Dawnnne the Jolomo Prize 2013 in this biennial competition, the largest privately funded award in the Arts in UK.  The daughter of a Campbeltown fisherman and a GSA trained artist, Dawnne is well placed to experience and record the anxiety of fishing families over this precarious liveliehood.  "I was obsessed by the scale of the ocean, its physicality, poetry and my father's voyages on it to catch fish.  I loved his tales of the stars on a clear night and their use in navigation.  But with joy there is fear; what the sea gave it could also take".

We feature a selection of her work from 26 October in preparation for a major show of her new work in March 2014.

Dawnne McGeachy oil on canvas 200 x 100 cm