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Future Unfolding #7


While I'm writing this, I'm still recovering from showing Future Unfolding at gamescom. With 345.000 visitors, Germany's game expo is loud, exhausting, and also pretty amazing. Many come for the big titles, but people generally were open to try out games that they never heard of. Thanks to the hard-working people from the Indie Arena Booth, I was able to staff our slice of the booth ourselves, so Mattias and Marek could keep working on the game while I was in Cologne.

Photo courtesy of​ Jana Reinhardt

On the development side something we're working on is how to explain the controls for a game that "does not explain anything to you" (our elevator pitch). In previous builds, we showed a picture of a controller with buttons highlighted that players could press before the game starts. Problem was, players would have forgotten which buttons you could press by the time they could use them in the game. Now, we are showing the controller image when you reach a room for the first time where it would make sense to press the button. We still don't tell you what the button does as we want you to figure out the game themselves, but the information of which button is usable is now displayed in the right context.


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Amongst the many amazing indie games on display at gamescom, Mushroom 11 did stick out to me. It's a puzzle-platformer in the tradition of, let's say, World of Goo. At the same time, it plays unlike anything else and challenges your brain with its destroy-and-regrow-cells mechanic. If you want to experience it yourself, preorder it to get access to a preview level.

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– Andreas, Marek & Mattias