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Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies  
1 May 2012

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The Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies gets a new director 

Effective 1 June 2012, Ulrik Blinkenberg will become the new managing director for the Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies

The Institute’s present interim managing director, Henrik Persson, and interim director, Finn Ramstad, will return to their positions as futurists.

Ulrik Blinkenberg is 47 years old and is trained as a lawyer. He previously served as director of development at Teres Medical Group. Ulrik Blinkenberg has extensive management experience and has with worked strategy, innovation and corporate development in Denmark and internationally. Ulrik Blinkenberg is founder of Copenhagen Concept, which assists smaller start-up companies. He is involved in several business networks, including the Danish Society for Company Management, all with a focus on future challenges for business and society.

Ulrik Blinkenberg’s management qualifications, great interest in futures studies, and wide network combined with concrete experience as entrepreneur and business developer gives him a unique profile that well matches the Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies. Ulrik Blinkenberg expresses that he is looking forward to deepen Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies’s international outreach and to ensure members and customers that the Institute continues providing inspiring visions of the future.

The board and the employees bids Ulrik Blinkenberg welcome as managing director of the Institute.

Inquiries can be directed to:

Managing director
Ulrik Blinkenberg, ub@cifs.dk, Tel. +45 4025 1964

Chairman of the Board
Karl Iver Dahl-Madsen, kid@cifs.dk,  Tel. +45 2963 8342



To mark the start of Ulrik Blinkenbergs new position we invite you to his reception 7th of June starting 6.30 PM in our offices, 65 Nørre Farimagsgade, 1364 Copenhagen K, Denmark.

The future of urban farming

At our most recent After Hours in Copenhagen we invited finalist on the Red Herring's list of the most innovative organisations in Europe in 2011, CEO Hans Hassle from the Swedish cleantech business Plantagon. Futurist Martin Kruse had a chat with Hans Hassle at the After Hours - about the future of urban farming.

Future Clubs in Norway

The Institute’s Klaus Æ. Mogensen & Katrine K. Pedersen has written the book Modkultur (Counterculture), which deals with modern counterculture. The book covers street culture as well as internet culture and deals with subjects such as greedbusters, anarconomy, maker culture, crowdsourcing, modern youth and much more.

At the Future Clubs in Norway in June the two writers present and discuss how modern counterculture can be used as part of a business strategy and what pitfalls there might be.

Get ready for pirates, guns and lawyers

The Pirate versus Pirate issue, SCENARIO 03:2012 is out now

This time we ask what the file-sharing pirates will do with their power now they have become a legit political party. And we've been to Somalia looking for outlaws.

Read what they can teach us about future global economy in this appetiser.

Trends in bits

Smart surfaces...:

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The Institute gets a new director


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