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Users of Avadis NGS software have always enjoyed comprehensive support for end-to-end DNA-Seq analysis. Tools for detecting SNPs and InDels, as well as those predicting their effects, or algorithms that find larger structural variations are all part of the DNA-Seq workflow.

In our continuing endeavor to upgrade our workflows, our newer version of the NGS software will include additional preprocessing steps in the variant calling workflow. Do join us at the webinar and follow how we have supported local realignment and base quality score recalibration in our upcoming release!

Topic: Local Realignment and Base Quality Score Recalibration
Speaker: Rohit Gupta PhD, Senior Specialist- Bioinformatics

Rohit will discuss how the scope of the DNA-Seq workflow has been broadened to include local realignment that corrects some of the typical alignment artifacts around InDels. Additionally, he will discuss approaches to reduce the effect of inaccuracies and biases in base quality scores. Using in-built visualization tools, he will demonstrate how these additional features will work to improve SNP detection.

Recent blog about "The Need for Realignment to dbSNP"

Take some time to read Ramesh Hariharan's recent blog post. He discusses why SNPs and InDels detected using a SNP detection algorithm need realignment to dbSNP to remove false positives in addition to InDel-based local realignment.

See you at the Bio-IT World Asia Conference!

We will be at the Bio-IT World Asia conference this year from the 28th-31st of May. Come meet us at booth 11! On the 31st, Vamsi Veeramachaneni, Vice President Bioinformatics at Strand Life Sciences, will be speaking at the Personalized Diagnostics Session at 2:20 pm. He will discuss how at Strand, we plan to use genomic sequencing and bioinformatics to shorten the odyssey to diagnosis for rare disease cases.

- The Avadis NGS Team

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