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Greetings from The Exhibitionists in Georgetown and St. Paul:

2013 has been a delightfully busy year. It's a good sign that the museum community is ”a buzz!”  Thank you for allowing EDG to supplement your institution’s programming with exhibitions from our broad portfolio. We welcome the opportunity to update you on a number of openings we hope to fill in our 2013-2014 schedule. Our portfolio also has openings through 2017, a unique opportunity for you to plan ahead of the temporary exhibition market. Please contact EDG at 651 222 1121 to learn more.

In February 2013, through the generosity of the Beaverbrook Art Gallery, Masterworks from the Beaverbrook Art Gallery, including El Santiago, Salvador Dali's most expansive masterpiece that measures an impressive 10 x 12 feet, premiered to great acclaim at The Society for the Four Arts in Palm Beach, Florida. An opening in the tour from April to September 2013 and again in 2015 creates a chance for a museum to host this impressive survey of English, Canadian and other international masterpieces before its return to Canada for a full tour. From Cranach, Dalacroix, Turner, Freud and Dali along with Canadian masters from the Group of Seven, this exhibition affords the rare opportunity to see the very best of Canada’s Visual Arts collections.

On March 28, 2013, San Diego Museum of Art will host the North American premiere of the Arts of Piranesi, a unique international collaboration between EDG; the Foundation Cini, Venice; Michele DeLucchi, Milan; and Factum-Arte, Madrid. The 10,000-square-foot exhibition garnered international recognition during the 2010 Venice Biennale followed by continued success at CaixaForum in Madrid and Barcelona. We currently have two openings for North American fine art museums before an exclusive tour in China.

With more than 20 exhibitions in development, courtesy of our museum and exhibition partners, we will be releasing new exhibitions in 2013. Be the first to know by signing up on our Facebook and Twitter accounts below. By signing up and following the Exhibitionists in response to this eNewsletter, you may have the luck of the St. Paul Irish and be the proud winner of an Amazon gift card during our St. Patrick’s Day drawing!

The world leading Exhibitionists,

Diane, Jessica, Carrie, Ben, Zhuoran, Michelle, Paloma, Lauren, Anna, Marissa, Jim, Lauren, Anna and Amy

Photos above were taken during the opening of Masterworks from the Beaverbrook Art Gallery at The Society for the Four Arts in Palm Beach, Florida.


Welcome to EDG

Meet the newest faces to join the world leading traveling Exhibitionists: Nicole DeGuzman, Senior Project Manager & Registrar; Ben Jacobson, Museum Relationship and Exhibition Sales Manager; and Zhuoran Shi, International Museum Relations Manager.

We also welcome new additions to the University Internship Program: Marissa Noble, Paloma Bengoechea, Lauren Johns & Anna Michaels.


Dear Friends:

Are you able to say the P word? Yes, PROFIT! Many museums and non-profits are afraid to use the word. The reality is the P word is a safe word. Without Profit and earned revenues, museums could not sustain it's mission of educating broad audiences and maintain it's place as the backbone of economic viability in its community. It is with curatorial and scientific visions and through dynamic programming that educate and entertain that earned revenues, profit prevails.

Traveling exhibitions, with their intrinsic benefits and educational programming, are the primary way in which institutions earn revenue in an age of decreasing federal, state and local funding. EDG helped museums and non-profit institutions raise more than $4,000,000 in earned revenue in 2012.

We want to support your institution too! Let's build an exhibition partnership or develop a traveling exhibition program using your greatest assets: your staff, their ideas and your collections. There is nothing stopping your institution from generating a source of positive press and earned income.  Contact me directly to learn more and to exchange ideas on how to move forward in the future.

Culturally Yours,

Amy Noble Seitz, Founder & CEO

Stay tuned for our upcoming social media give away!
ou may have the luck of the St. Paul Irish and be the proud winner of an Amazon gift card during our St. Patrick’s Day drawing!

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Exhibits Development Group partnered with Science Visualization in developing two exhibitions depicting never-before-seen discoveries that are available to the global museum community: Heavenly Jade of the Maya from Guatemala and Dinosaurs Take Wing from China.

The National Archives Foundation, Washington D.C., has entrusted EDG to the care of it's exhibition tour of Discovering the Civil War, where hosting U.S. museums celebrate the presentation of the original Emancipation Proclamation during a limited showing. Tennessee State Museum in Nashville, TN is currently playing host. The exhibition will be sold to a permanent home, contact EDG for more details.

CUT! Costume and the Cinema may be experiencing an overhaul with the addition of a selection of costumes from the BBC hit Downton Abbey.  The already unparalleled collection of costumes from cinema’s most recognizable wardrobes will be dramatically strengthened by giving the host an opportunity to add period rooms and original costumes from Downton.

Amy Noble Seitz, CEO was a guest and presenter at the Russian Embassy on 15 November where she and M. Pierre-Jean Chalençon, foremost Napoleon authority and lender of The Eye of Napoléon collection, who presented objects from the Chalençon Collection to celebrate diplomacy between Russia, France and America.


Costumes from Downton Abbey
The French Art of Pochoir
Penelope’s Labour

The Science of Rock 'n' Roll


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