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The Growing Up Program  -  Promoting Safer, Healthier and Happier Children

7 September, 2017

The Growing Up Program, by Family Planning Tasmania, has been awarded a NAPCAN Play Your Part Award in recognition of the important role it plays in creating safer, healthier and happier environments for Tasmanian children.  The award coincides with Child Protection Week 2017 and highlights the role that comprehensive Relationships and Sexuality Education plays in equipping young people with skills and knowledge that increase their social and sexual safety.

The Growing Up Program combines best practice in Protective Behaviours Education and Relationships and Sexuality Education to provide a sequential, age-appropriate program for students from Kinder to Grade 6.  The Growing Up Program develops students’ understanding of physical development; self-esteem and self-concept; communication skills; resilience and persistence; social and life skills. 

In 2016, Family Planning Educators worked in over 72 Tasmanian schools to Primary Schools to deliver over 600 classes to more than 12,500 students. As part of the program over 500 parents attended parent information sessions.

Education Minister, Jeremy Rockliff, says "The Growing Up Program has a long history of delivering programs in Tasmanian schools that reflect the changing needs of children and young people."




The Growing Up Program is held in high regard by the Tasmanian community and is relevant to students' lives, has curriculum outcomes and will also support schools in the implementation of Respectful Relationships Education.

FPT CEO, Cedric Manen says "Effective education programs, such as The Growing Up Program, play an important part in preventing and responding to child sexual abuse by giving children knowledge, skills, values and attitudes that promote personal social and sexual safety.  They reduce vulnerability to abuse, help children to identify adults who can help and provide them with the language to report unwanted attention and behaviours.  It is important that schools ensure their students are provided with comprehensive RSE across their school lives."




Comprehensive Relationships and Sexuality Education (RSE) helps empower children and young people to manage important transitions such as puberty and to make healthy and safe decisions within relationships. Relationships and sexuality education also promotes positive values and attitudes such as respect, equality and valuing diversity.

School programs can have lasting impacts on participants and the broader community with evidence suggesting that school-based interventions which are reinforced in community settings over a longer period, can effectively prevent intimate partner violence and victimisation among adolescents.


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Cedric Manen

Chief Executive Officer, Family Planning Tasmania 

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