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Dear Business Partner,

We would like to say thank you! Thank you for the good cooperation, the trust you place in us and the many exciting projects we have been able to complete together this year.

Along with our thanks, we would like to send you the final edition of our newsletter for 2018. The following topics are covered:

  • VCOM: Innovation by Experience
    High-resolution data export: CSV export
    Further optimizations for the Portlet Center
    Power Plant Controller graphic
    Selection of period for the "Investors" user group
    Discontinuation: "Weather station" tab

  • blue’Log X series: Engineered to succeed
    User administration for controlled access protection

  • New energy law package (Energiesammelgesetz) finally approved
  • From March 2019: blue'Log XC and Power Plant Controller
  • World Future Energy Summit 2019 in Abu Dhabi
  • Web&Wine at meteocontrol

We wish you a happy and restful holiday season and a good start to an exciting new year in 2019.

Your meteocontrol team

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Strong as a bear: meteocontrol shows heart for sick children

Accompanied by two bear-like friends, our managing director Martin Schneider presented a pre-Christmas cheque for 3,000 euros to the Bunter Kreis Foundation in Augsburg.

The Bunte Kreis Augsburg is an innovative social institution at the Children's Hospital of the Augsburg Clinic. Since 1992, the foundation has been caring for families with chronically ill, cancer- and severely ill children in Bavarian Swabia. Astrid Grotz, curator of the foundation, expressed her sincere thanks for the generous donation.

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VCOM: Innovation by Experience

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High-resolution data export: CSV export

We have been able to optimize the performance of our CSV export thanks to the successful beta phase and the positive feedback from last summer.

To your benefit: You can export your system and portfolio data in just a few seconds and in a higher resolution too. A new feature is the option to save the configuration and send the data automatically by e-mail – in interval resolution and also system-wide.

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Further optimizations for the Portlet Center

We have continued to develop and optimize the Portlet Center introduced in the last release. The Portlet Center remains active following the successful addition of a portlet: you can choose the necessary portlets and add them to the required tab.

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Power Plant Controller graphic

Power plant control can be analyzed both in real time on the controller itself and on the basis of historic measured values via VCOM. All controller values are available for this purpose. Not only does this ensure optimum transparency, but also assures you full control over data at all times.

Integration of the Power Plant Controller in VCOM as a system solution offers unlimited archiving. Proof of power control of grid safety management and the intervention of third parties is thus assured in the framework of the new VDE-AR-N-4110 directive for the past 18 months.

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Selection of period for "Investors" user group

Investors can now adjust the time period for the energy generation graphic. The energy values can therefore be displayed for a specific daily, weekly and monthly period. The period can likewise be defined for specific users.

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Discontinuation: "Weather station" tab

We plan to disable the Weather station area for all partners in the February 2019 release. However, you can still evaluate all data relating to the Weather station in the respective portlet. It is also possible to create individual analyses at any time and to take account of the relevant data.

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blue’Log X series: Engineered to succeed

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As announced in September, each edition of our newsletter will provide all the information you need about a feature of the new blue'Log XM / XC generation of data loggers and controllers.

User administration for controlled access protection

We have improved user administration in order to protect access to the data logger user interface and therefore to sensitive data and the configuration, such as Power Control, by unauthorized persons.

There are no longer default user names with the new blue’Log XM / XC devices. As a user, you create your own user name and the required password when setting up the data logger. You can add other users at any time and choose between "read access" or "write access".

Even remote service access by meteocontrol support can be disabled if required and then simply activated when needed. It is recommended during commissioning and service deployments to activate access so that our support team can provide you with optimum support.

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The new energy law package (Energiesammelgesetz) finally approved

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Two weeks after the Bundestag (Federal Parliament), the Bundesrat (Federal Council) has now also finally ratified the new energy law package (Energiesammelgesetz) for amending the Renewable Energy Act (EEG), the Combined Heat and Power Act (KWKG), the Energy Industry Act (EnWG) and other energy regulations. The amendment can enter into force as planned on January 1, 2019 and brings clarity to production by PV systems up to 750 kilowatts and the mandatory application of the new VDE Application Rule VDE-AR-N 4110 (Technical Connection Rules for Medium-Voltage).

One-off reduction for roof-mounted PV systems up to 750 kilowatts

The planned production cut for roof-mounted PV systems between 40 and 750 kilowatts created certain unease beforehand. The reduction in the figure to be applied by around 20 percent to 8.33 cents per kilowatt hour, which was originally planned for the turn of the year, has been toned down. The compromise reached will see a slightly more moderate reduction to 10.36 cents per kilowatt hour from January 2019 and in the following months as follows:

  • 9.87 cents per kilowatt hour from February 1, 2019
  • 9.39 cents per kilowatt hour from March 1, 2019
  • 8.90 cents per kilowatt hour from April 1, 2019

This corresponds to a reduction of 14 percent compared with January.

Mandatory application of VDE-AR-N 4110

The amendment to the German Energy Industry Act (EnWG) has also clarified the obligation to apply the EU harmonized VDE Application Rules.
Existing plants are described as all production plants with:

  • Grid requests prior to April 27, 2019
  • Commissioning at the latest by June 30, 2020

We already provided information on future requirements with respect to the plant controller for PV systems in accordance with VDE-AR-N 4110 in our webinar. Further information on the Power Plant Controller (PPC) can be found here.

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From March 2019: blue'Log XC and Power Plant Controller

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We launched the blue'Log XM on the market in August to meet the rising demands nationally and internationally with respect to monitoring and PV power plant control. Additional new products will follow in March 2019: the completely newly developed plant controller blue'Log XC and meteocontrol Power Plant Controller (PPC).

The blue’Log XM and blue’Log XC variants offer innovative functions over and above the scope of performance of the previous models. The new blue'Log devices will replace the following products on 31 March 2019:

  • blue'Log X-1000: Item number 532.001
  • blue'Log X-3000: Item number 532.003
  • blue'Log X-6000: Item number 532.006

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World Future Energy Summit 2019 in Abu Dhabi

Meet our colleagues locally and visit us at the meteocontrol booth.

Hall 7, Booth No. 7130 / German Pavilion in the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre

World Future Energy Summit in Abu Dhabi
January 14 – 17, 2019

We would be pleased to arrange an appointment with you.
Our colleague Tea Gessler will be pleased to answer your query: t.gessler@meteocontrol.com

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The Augsburg-based developer community was invited by meteocontrol on December 4 to an evening of networking and information sharing. The IT event Web&Wine takes place every month, with developers holding various talks. Our colleague Sebastian Schwarz addressed the topic of "Clean Code" – in line with our IT slogan "Clean Code for Clean Energy".

Our home-made module cookies went down a treat as did – in keeping with the season – the mulled wine on offer.


VCOM training in January

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VCOM portal: 1/16/2019

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