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Lease to own options available

We have had a lot of enquiries recently from Southern Hemisphere beekeepers gearing up for the season, but for some the tight cashflow at this time of year makes it difficult to justify setting up full monitoring systems.

So, to help reduce the hurdles and make systems available, we are now happy to offer lease to own options, so you can lease a system, get up and running for the season, and if you decide to purchase it in the new year, when you have sold some honey, we will reduce the purchase price by the amount you have spent in lease payments up to that time. For more details:

In NSW talk to Mark Page: mark.page@valley-industries.com.au , phone 0458 522 240

In QLD / VIC talk to Graham Beech: ntbees@gmail.com , phone 0437 179261

In West Australia talk to Myles Happ (see below): myleshapp@gmail.com , phone 0401 533336

Rest of the world, talk to Christian Walsh: christian@hivemind.co.nz , phone +64 21 846 445

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G'Day from W.A.

The simple joy of a good brood pattern and gentle bees

We are delighted to have Myles Happ on board as our new sales agent in West Australia. Picture of Myles on the right with in his own words, "The simple joy of a good brood pattern and gentle bees".

If you are in W.A. get in touch with Myles at:


or phone 0401 533336

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Research project in Central Otago

We are currently assisting Sue Michelsen-Heath, from the University of Otago, with the monitoring aspects of her research project looking into the bioaccumulation of the organophosphate chlorpyrifos in honey bee colonies. (We also recommend never playing scrabble with Sue).

To learn more about this project have a look at Sue's website here:


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Innovation Awards Finalists

We were very excited to be named as finalists in the NZ Innovators awards a month or so ago.

Thanks for all the messages of support and although we didn't win our Agribusiness category we were delighted with the recognition.

Watch this space for more innovation in 2016!

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