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Every ten years, Statistics Canada asks Canadians whether they belong to a religious organization or group. And although British Columbia’s most recent census results indicate BC is the most secular of all provinces, the overall 10-year trend, like the rest of Canada, continues to decline. Against this backdrop, the Crofton House School Carol Service continues to be an integral part of our annual traditions and community events.

The Carol Service was introduced to Crofton House in 1938 by the Head of School, Miss Macdonald. Over its 84-year history, the foundational elements have remained faithful to the Anglican Church’s nine lessons and the carols enjoyed across the world at this time of year. In contrast, other aspects of the event, including the location of the Carol Service, have evolved to accommodate the community's growing size and showcase the CHS musical program.

It is not uncommon to hear wonderings about the continuation of a nonsecular tradition in a secular school, and this prompt for reflection is reasonable. In many ways, the dilemma set up here echoes the tensions that informed the development of a new strategic plan. On one end of the continuum is a perception that it is essential to hold fast to traditions that have sustained the School for 125 years and remain a touchstone for generations of Croftonians. Tradition can also be seen as holding back an institution open to change and straining to stay relevant in an increasingly diverse and ever-changing world.

The value of CHS traditions is not being questioned in these wonderings, for our traditions act as a compass for our relationships and interactions, connecting us to something bigger than ourselves. As we discovered when we examined the community input to the Strategic Plan through a lens of tensions, the way forward is not about getting pulled to one side over the other but finding the balance in the middle. The answer lies in evolving by adapting traditions to ensure they continue to provide a sense of belonging and attachment for all.

I am pleased we are returning to the Chan Centre this year to share in the tradition of Carol Service. We will hear the familiar text spoken and sung by children's voices, and new elements will surprise and delight. As the School continues to evolve, our strategic commitment to belonging will make it essential that we are open to wonderings about School traditions. Further, we must permit change to ensure every tradition continues to capture our identity, connect us as a community and add meaning to our lives.

“Tradition is the handing down of the flame and not the worshipping of ashes” – Gustav Mahler

Save the Date: Junior School Holiday Coffee

The CHS Parents’ Auxiliary warmly invites ECE and Junior School parents to a holiday coffee & tea on Thursday, December 15 from 9:15 am to 10:45 am immediately following the Junior School Sing-Along. Stay tuned for location announcement.

Winter Bazaar Post-Event Sale

The CHS Parents’ Auxiliary have a few remaining Winter Bazaar items for sale. If you missed the event or forgot to pick something up, items can be purchased online from now until Wednesday, December 7. Quantities are very limited so please act now to avoid disappointment. Purchases can be picked up at the Beedie Fine Arts Centre foyer on Saturday, December 10 between 10:00 am and 12 noon through the Blenheim Street roundabout.

25th Annual CHS Golf Classic

In 2023, the CHS Golf Classic will hold its 25th tournament! Parents who are interested in joining the Golf Committee, please email

Holiday & Vacation Calendar for 2023-2024

The Holiday & Vacation Calendar (click the 2023-2024 tab) has been updated for the 2023–2024 school year. The calendar can be found on the My CHS Community Portal or by searching for “holiday calendar” in the website search tool. Our holiday and vacation schedule is generous with extended breaks twice during the school year (December/January and March). The School asks parents/guardians to restrict family vacation plans to the established holidays.

Enrolment for 2023-2024

The enrolment process for the next school year will begin next week. Watch for a letter on Thursday, December 8 from the Head of School and Chair of the Board announcing the 2023-2024 tuition. This will be followed on Friday, December 9 with information on Step 1 of the enrolment process. This process is outlined on the Enrolment, Tuition and Billing page of the My CHS Community Portal. Look to this page for all supporting documentation with links to additional information being added as the process continues. Thank you to all parents/guardians for your prompt attention to all steps of this enhanced process.

Please note: Plastiq, our partner for credit card processing, has increased their administrative fee from 2.5% to 2.9%.

Gift Acceptance Policy

Crofton House parents and students often thank CHS employees for their contributions through gifts. To help avoid a real, potential or perceived conflict of interest for the employee and the School, CHS employees can only accept gifts as outlined in section 3.3 Gift Acceptance Policy of the CHS Employee Handbook. If you are giving a gift to an employee, we would ask that you ensure it is reasonable in nature and does not exceed $125 at a time or $500 from one family within an academic year. Please note that employees are not able to accept cash. Please understand that if an employee refuses or returns a gift, it is simply that they are following the School's policy. If you have any questions, please contact Sarah Robinson, Director, Human Resources.

Vancouver Coastal Health Resources

Thank you to the community for maintaining vigilance when it comes to infectious diseases. There are two informative resources from Vancouver Coastal Health to support family decisions on when to stay home from school and on Diseases and Sneezes.

This year’s in-person Winter Bazaar brought an amazing atmosphere to the campus. Thank you to all of the volunteers who helped transform the School and bring our community so much joy. Check out the highlights on Vidigami.

Junior Kindergarten students spent some time in The Woods with ethnobotanist T’uy’t’tanat Cease Wyss, an Indigenous Matriarch of the Skwxwu7mesh, Sto:lo and Hawaiian people. Cease talked about the many plants and trees that can be found in the woods and the different ways they can be used for food and medicine.

Grade 2 students have been busy supporting the community and the environment by keeping the drains on Blenheim Street and Balaclava Street clear of leaves and other debris.

There’s something spooky going on during Grade 6 Discovery classes. The students have been exploring how they can use black lights to transform friendly sea creatures into scary monsters of the deep!

Grade 7 students demonstrated the art of speech and persuasion to classmates as they presented on a country’s climate trends for their grade-wide Climate Change Summit. They combined research and well designed presentations to communicate their findings on climate variations in relation to major events like economic trends and resource production.

Junior School students pulled out all the stops this week for Creative Hair Day with an array of colourful, imaginative and gravity-defying hairstyles spotted around campus.

Spine-chilling costume, lighting, sound and acting came together in a spooky and spectacular performance. Grade 8 and 9 students brought to life three beautiful yet haunting tales from the mind of Edgar Allan Poe in a vivid theatrical adaptation of The Tell-Tale Heart, The Oval Portrait, and The Raven.

Special guest Jamie Andrew spoke with Grade 9 students at their Ivy Day on the theme of mental health and wellness. He explained the importance of dealing with negative circumstances by accepting uncertainty, setting goals and acknowledging community support, all of which helped him thrive after an extreme mountaineering disaster that permanently changed the course of his life.

For the Entrepreneurship 12 ‘Networking November’ series, students welcomed Crofton House alumnae, including Vanessa Kahkesh ’21, who brought back stories of life after CHS and advice on pursuing goals and carving one’s own path.

Lunchtime was a quiet affair as students focused on this year's Beaver Computing Challenge. The open call had a huge turnout and was a great opportunity for Grade 8 to 10 students to practice mathematical thinking as an introductory experience to computer science.

Brava to the talented musicians and performers of the Stage Band and Open Dance for entertaining the crowds during this year’s Winter Bazaar. We can’t wait to see their next performances!

The Self Awareness Project is a creative approach to introducing Grade 10 students to post-secondary pathways in their Career Education class. Each response was deeply personal and encouraged students to develop confidence in asking self-reflective questions about their professional skills and interests. Read the blog to learn more.

Junior School Athletics

Basketball season is in full swing in the Junior School. Today, 7B head to Saint John's School for the SLAM basketball tournament. On Monday, 7A will host the first game of the season against Mulgrave School. Grade 5 will follow suit and host their first game of the season against Fraser Academy next Thursday. Meanwhile, the Lunch League has started up with dozens of Grade 6 and 7 students taking part. Stay tuned for updates.

Senior School Athletics

Congratulations to the Junior Volleyball team on securing the silver medal at the BC School Sports Provincial Championships this past weekend. An amazing finish to a strong season. Well done to all the players for their dedication this term and thank you to all coaches, parents and staff who supported them. We cheer the Varsity Volleyball team on as they head into the weekend for their turn to play at the BC School Sports Provincial Championships.

Courage, Creativity, Citizenship

Winter Bazaar 2022: A Resounding Success!

From the songs of the Senior School stage band, to the screams of delight around the midway, this years’ Winter Bazaar was truly a wonderful opportunity for our CHS community to come together. We had approximately 2400 community members join us! What a great event, done in style and for such a good cause, KidSafe!

Our thanks go out to the over 700 student and parent volunteers and the team of 40 dedicated Executive Members and Convenors. Special thanks to Winter Bazaar Co-Chairs Megan Evans-Baird, Jean Kim and Joanna Wasel, who provided stellar leadership and have devoted themselves to Winter Bazaar planning since May. And, to our wonderful CHS Staff, especially the Facilities Team and Morgan Pulkinen who helped pull it all together behind the scenes!

Thank you to all of those who attended and supported the Bazaar in myriad ways.

Log into the My CHS portal to access the full school calendar.

Whole School

December 10
- Orchard Pre-Order Pick-Up (Winter Bazaar)
December 16
- Carol Service

Junior School

December 6
- Grade 1-3 Winter Concert (Matinee Performance)
December 7
- Grade 1-3 Winter Concert (Evening Performance)
December 8
- Grade 6-7 Winter Concert
December 8
- Class Parent: Grade 3 Social
December 15
- Family Sing-Along

Senior School

December 5-9
- Spirit Week
December 5
- Major Trip Parent Meeting
December 5
- Civvies Day
December 6
- Silly Sock and Sweater Day
December 7
- Winter Accessories Day
December 8
- Parent Session: Amra Dizdarevic
December 8
- Pajama Day December 9 - Winter Games
December 13
- Crofton-Saints Model United Nations (CSMUN)


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