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March 3, 2024 - Volume 7 Number 4

Robert Espinosa Promoted to Sergeant: A Leader with a Legacy of Service

At the March 2024 Town Council Meeting, Juno Beach Police Officer Robert Espinosa was promoted to the rank of Sergeant.

Sergeant Espinosa brings 22 years of law enforcement experience to the Juno Beach Police Department, having served with both the North Bergen Police Department and the Bergen County Sheriff's Office. Rising to the rank of Lieutenant in New Jersey and retiring, Sergeant Espinosa, along with his wife Diane, relocated to Palm Beach County before joining our agency in Juno Beach.

Sgt. Espinosa is a well-known figure within the community and currently leads a platoon of road patrol officers. His work consistently demonstrates a high level of dedication, earning him the respect and admiration of his fellow officers.

The Juno Beach Police Foundation is delighted to witness Robert Espinosa's promotion to the rank of Sergeant and wishes him continued success in his career within the Town of Juno Beach.

Juno Beach Police Officers Honored with Letters of Commendation for Exemplary Service in Solving Violent Carjacking Case

On March 1, 2024, Chief of Police Brian Smith issued a Letter of Commendation to four Juno Beach Police Officers for their exemplary service. Here are some of the details:

A violent carjacking occurred at the FP&L headquarters on July 2, 2020, prompting a swift and thorough investigation. Juno Beach Police Officers Greg Mullen and Chris Shortell responded promptly, gathering vital information that initiated a multi-agency effort to track down the perpetrators.

Jupiter Police and PBSO Crime Scene Technicians meticulously processed the scene, collecting DNA and fingerprint evidence crucial to the case. Collaborating with the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office and the Sheriff's S.W.A.T. team, one suspect was initially apprehended, leading to the recovery of additional evidence and identification of additional suspects.

The dedication of law enforcement personnel extended beyond the initial investigation. Juno Beach Police Detectives Kevin Coppin and Ryan Hoffmann spearheaded efforts to secure DNA warrants and presented a compelling case in court. Their unwavering commitment to justice ensured that the perpetrators faced the consequences of their actions. One suspect pleaded guilty, while another was not charged due to insufficient evidence tying him to the crime scene.

On January 22, 2024, the third suspect, Mr. Willie McCray, was found guilty by a jury of his peers. Due to his extensive violent criminal history, the judge handed down a life sentence, and Mr. McCray was remanded to the Florida Department of Corrections.

The Juno Beach Police Foundation joins the Juno Beach Police Department in recognizing all individuals involved in this case, including the West Palm Beach Police Department, the Palm Beach County State Attorney's Office, and Florida Power and Light's Area Security Department. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to each of them for their unwavering efforts, which were instrumental in achieving the successful outcome.

AEDs in Public Places

The last of six "AEDs in Public Places" funded by the Police Foundation have now been installed. They are located at the following locations:

  • Kagan Park near the basketball court
  • Pelican Lake South gazebo
  • Pelican Lake North gazebo
  • Town Hall Park gazebo (841 Ocean Drive)
  • Friendship Fountain on Celestial Drive
  • 9/11 Memorial Fountain on Ocean Drive

These AEDs are easily identifiable and conveniently accessible, ensuring swift response in the event of a sudden cardiac arrest. Should a medical emergency requiring CPR and AED use arise, individuals should call 911. The Police/Fire dispatch center will provide the caller with the code to open the AED storage box, while simultaneously dispatching both Police and Fire-Rescue personnel to the scene.

AEDs are also available in the Town Center and the Police Department during normal business hours.

Juno Beach would like to be known as a HEARTSafe Community by providing widespread CPR instruction (see article above) and availability of publicly accessible defibrillators. The Police Foundation, in collaboration with the Town, is diligently working to enhance safety measures in Juno Beach, particularly in the event of sudden cardiac arrest.

According to Fire-Rescue studies, "For every minute that goes by that someone doesn't receive CPR their chance of survival goes down by 10%." The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says more than 356,000 people are affected by cardiac arrest each year.
Your safety is a top priority of the Juno Beach Police Foundation!


Coffee With A Cop, sponsored by the Juno Beach Police Foundation, will be held this month on March 6th at 9:30 AM on the Town Hall Plaza (weather permitting) between the Town Center and the Juno Beach Police Department. Coffee and donuts will be available during the event.

We invite you and your friends to a delightful morning that promises great conversations, warm smiles, an update by the Chief of Police, and the comforting aroma of freshly brewed coffee.


The Juno Beach Police Department, with funding from the Juno Beach Police Foundation, is continuing its 2024 series of CPR and AED class both at HOAs / COAs and at the Juno Beach Town Center.

The next class at the Town Center will be on Monday, April 1st from 10:00 AM until 1:00 PM.

The class will be made up of approximately 15 residents under the instruction of Police Officer and certified CPR trainer, Brian Berlingo. There are still a few opening for this class.

For more information please call the Juno Beach Police Department at (561) 626-2100 or email

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