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Welcome to Spring!

Welcome to Spring! We hope this finds you well, ready to get out and get moving as the days get a little longer and lighter. With the change in seasons we’ll also be seeing a change in faces in the clinic.


We are happy to introduce our new front office assistant, Caitie Gilstrap, and physical therapy aide, Stephanie Moyle. Both have been a great addition to our team; look forward to seeing their friendly faces the next time you stop in the clinic. You will find out more about Caitie and Stephanie below.

Staff Transition

It is our pleasure to announce that Therapeutic Associates, Inc. (TAI) has been selected to manage onsite Wellness Center Services for a large local employer in the greater Portland area.  Establishing this new location is an exciting opportunity, and we would like to take this opportunity to alert you to some changes at our clinic.  


Beginning in late-March, Jessica Smith-Blockley will be transitioning out of our Downtown Portland location to provide patient care full-time at this new location. We are very excited for her and the opportunity this brings. If you have any questions regarding previous care you received from her, please contact our clinic directly and we will be happy to assist.


We continue to strive to empower you to reach your goals for rehabilitation, overall health, and performance.  We know you have a choice, and we thank you for choosing Therapeutic Associates Downtown Portland Physical Therapy.  We proudly emphasize hands on care with each provider and focus on movement based therapies to provide effective treatment that will expedite your return to activity.  We look forward to working with you and optimizing your experience on the road to recovery, and reaching your specific health, wellness and performance goals.

Caitie Gilstrap: Front Ofiice Assistant

Originally from a small town in California, Caitie Gilstrap joined the TAI Downtown team in October of 2015. Previously, she worked as a Resident Care Manager in an adult foster home specializing in care for patients with various forms of dementia. Her love for helping others and desire to have fun while doing so has provided a perfect fit at Therapeutic Associates. When not in the clinic, Caitie spends most of her free time camping, hiking, and video chatting with her two nephews.

Stephanie Moyle: Physical Therapy Aide

Stephanie Moyle joined the TAI downtown team as a PT Aide in January 2016. Working here is a wonderful opportunity for her to gain valuable knowledge and experience in physical therapy. Her end goal is to pursue a career in physical or occupational therapy where she can help patients heal while guiding them to achieve a greater sense of embodiment. She is also interested in massage therapy and yoga. Her favorite parts about working for TAI are interacting with patients and getting to see the unique styles and techniques used by her talented coworkers. Stephanie graduated from Oregon State University with a Bachelor of Science in psychology and a minor in philosophy. She also won a national championship as part of the OSU racquetball team. In her free time she likes to play and coach racquetball, spend time with her family and friends, explore new hiking spots, and search for the best beer/garden burgers in Portland.

Dynamic Warm Ups for Athletes

A dynamic warm-up routine should be performed prior to activity to prepare the body for the demands of a workout. Dynamic movements are the best way to prepare your body for dynamic workouts. Contrary to old beliefs, the best time to work on static flexibility is at the end of your workout, not in the beginning. After every workout, you should follow a total body static stretching series.

The great thing about a comprehensive dynamic warm-up routine is that it does not take any more time than the more traditional stretching method, but is much more focused, effective, and productive. Since your warm-up routine sets the tone for the entire workout, these are just the qualities you should be looking for.

The specific advantages of a dynamic warm-up routine, by comparison with the more traditional “sit and stretch” routine, are as follows:

  • Increases core body temperature and blood flow to muscles
  • Enhances muscle elasticity and lubricates joints
  • Increases heart rate and respiratory rate, which is the body’s preparation for the demands of a workout
  • It prepares the muscles and joints in a more sport-specific manner than static stretching
  • It enhances coordination and motor ability and revs up the nervous system


A series of dynamic movements will develop flexibility, balance, coordination, mobility, and strength.


See the link below to visit our website for more information and sport-specific dynamic warm-up programs.

See more Sport-Specific Dynamic Warm Ups >

March is National Nutrition Month!

What does your plate look like?


Click here for some great nutrition tips >

Introducing Our Newly Redesigned Website!

Therapeutic Associates Physical Therapy is proud to announce the recent launch of our new website! We encourage you to explore the new site to check out some if it's great features.


- CLEAN design

- MOBILE friendly browsing

- EASY navigation

- FASTER load times


It is our goal to provide you with the highest level of care possible. Our new website is an extension of our Core Values, and we hope you find it useful!

Click to view our NEW website >
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