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April 2, 2023


Dear HFI Reservist,

We are making an appeal to you as a Hope Force Reservist, asking that you please consider participating in the relief efforts in North Little Rock, Arkansas. 

The damage in North Little Rock and the Jacksonville area is staggering. 

Wherever you turn, the downed trees, the debris and overhwelming destruction is in your face. Brian Wagner, our coordinator for central U.S., arrived and began to assess the damage in the region, and he stated that it was honestly hard for him to take in.  North Little Rock and Jacksonville are communities that have, sadly, been "hard hit" before any tornados came through.  

In a conversation with a local park ranger, Brian learned that several of them just came in and began to help, even though they were not on the clock, nor would ever get paid for it.  "This situation is unlike anything I have ever seen, and I just want to do what I can to help!" was a comment from one park ranger.

These communities, particularly in North Little Rock, are the typically forgotten communities.  And our heart at Hope Force is to serve those who might not get the attention or help elsewhere.

We are asking if you will come and deploy with us to help with much needed assistance on behalf of the residents of North Little Rock.

This will be a roof tarping deployment.  Even if you are not comfortable on a roof, you are still needed in other areas of service. This will be an excellent opportunity to put your love of God into compassionate action on behalf of people who are in great need of help and hope in this dark hour.

What You Need to Know:

  • Housing: Plan to sleep on the floor – bring mats/cots & sleeping gear
  • Meals: Provided by Hope Force

What you need to do now:

  • Conduct a self-assessment: "Is this a good time for me to consider deploying?"
  • Pray about participating
  • If you may be available, SIGN UP HERE  and fill out the form completely
  • Prepare your deployment gear & supplies
  • Communicate with family, friends and employer about possible deployment.  (They may even want to support you in this adventure. If they want a tax deductible receipt, they can give online on the website and click on the dropdown link "I want my donation designated towards":   Arkansas Tornado Response  and write your name in the comment section.
  • Complete any unfinished paperwork immediately, including a background check, if you have not already done so with Hope Force. (Details to follow, after you notify us of your interest to go.)

If you cannot go at this time, please consider giving to the response – and please pray for these efforts!