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It’s no secret that the tech industry is mostly made up of men, nor that many tech companies are home to a misogynist culture that discourages women – and fosters ideas like those expressed by a Google employee in a sexist screed that effectively harassed all of his female co-workers in one 10-page document. Marie Hicks, a historian of gender and technology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, discusses the real harm this does to actual people, and the threat gender bias poses to the industry as a whole.

When Apple heiress Laurene Powell Jobs bought a majority stake in The Atlantic, it was only the latest media purchase by the billionaire class. While communication professors Rodney Benson and Victor Pickard see some positives in private media ownership, they’re wary of the industry becoming too reliant on the “benevolent billionaire media model” – especially if the billionaires aren’t as benevolent as they seem.

With growing worries over North Korea’s nuclear program, Michael Webber from the University of Texas explains the national security implications of the American nuclear power industry’s decline. As the prospects for nuclear power dim further, the U.S. loses its “most important anti-proliferation asset: a bunch of smart nuclear scientists and engineers.”

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Oh the terrible irony. Photo by Mar Hicks

What the Google gender 'manifesto' really says about Silicon Valley

Marie Hicks, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Five years after a major sexism scandal, Silicon Valley's misogynist culture remains strong and pervasive – and history reveals the stakes could be as high as the entire US tech sector.

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  • The slippery slope of the oligarchy media model

    Rodney Benson, New York University; Victor Pickard, University of Pennsylvania

    There are some benefits to the uptick in billionaire newspaper and magazine owners, who can weather short-term losses for the sake of long-term gains. But whose interests are really being served?

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  • Betsy DeVos' 6-month report card: More undoing than doing

    Dustin Hornbeck, Miami University

    From student loans to Title IX, Betsy DeVos has had a busy six months in office. But despite numerous reversals of Obama-era guidelines, little has come in the way of tangible policy.

  • Bullying and suicide: What's the connection?

    Melissa Holt, Boston University

    From '13 Reasons Why' to real-life events, there's been increased scrutiny on the link between bullying and suicide. However, research shows that we may not be getting the full picture.

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