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BCI September Recap

BCI Board of Directors News

We are pleased to welcome Mike Penberthy to BCI’s Board of Directors. Mike is a premier basketball program consultant and private shooting coach to current NBA, college, and high school players. He is also an inspirational and motivational speaker for camps, conferences, and events. For 12 years, Mike played professionally around the world and was known as a pure shooter. In 2001, he played for the championship-winning Los Angeles Lakers, “for the best coach on the best team in the greatest league in the world.” Mike and his wife Wendy live in the greater LA area with their three children.

Wilks Gets Personal re: BCI Loop

BCI Loop is a fraternity for professional basketball players to find common ground, encourage each other in their unique roles as leaders, and – with a compassionate but firm attitude – challenge each other on topics related to integrity, accountability, values, and faith. BCI board member Mike Wilks is also one of BCI Loop’s Primes: athlete leaders who, without judgment, make themselves available for spiritual and practical support of players “on the path.” Mike sat down with BCI president Kathy Scheuerman to talk about why now is the time for pro athletes to get real with each other.

Read an excerpt from the interview here:

KS: Admitting vulnerability can be difficult for professional athletes. What role does faith play?

MW: The more you grow in your faith, the more you realize how much you need God. You realize how much more vulnerable you would be without God in your life.

KS: And if a player realizes that the way he’s doing things isn’t working?

MW: If he’s not already a Christian, then hopefully there are Christian guys on his team that he would be drawn to for encouragement. Or maybe someone will step up and approach him, challenge him, and share how Christ can impact his life. On professional ball teams you’re around your teammates so much that there’s a great opportunity to get to know each other. So there should come a time where you are comfortable enough to reach out to a teammate if necessary.

KS:  Your life is a testament to your faith. If you’re not comfortable, there’s a reason.

MW:  In general, most teams don’t have a whole lot of players who are outspoken about their faith. You may have a couple of guys that are openly committed to God, but many guys feel like it’s easier to just go with the crowd. Trying to live and walk according to the Word of God takes commitment. You have to be confident and secure in what you believe. You have to be willing to go against the grain and standout at times. My experience has taught me that action speaks louder than words. Players will respect you, even if their beliefs are different, as long as your life lines up with what you claim to believe.

That’s why BCI Loop is so important. The fellowship it provides strengthens us and helps us walk with faith and godliness. BCI Loop is needed right now in our world.

KS: Why now?

MW: There’s never been a more important time to influence the influencers. It started with Coach Sharm and it must continue with us. He was the one who went out and connected with players. Really  connected. He understood the importance of finding real relationships in the pro world. He’d ask, simply, “How’s your walk?” He encouraged us and prayed with us. He embodied BCI Loop and now we’re carrying on his legacy because we’re called to do it. We’re like mini Sharms now, connecting with each other and always growing as we try to have a positive impact the way that Sharm had on us.

(Want more? Read the full text at www.bciedge.org)

If you’re a pro player – or you know a pro player – who wants to learn more about BCI Loop, get in touch with Mike at mikewilks@bciedge.org

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Twitter Wrap-Up

• God is merciful & gracious, Slow to anger & abundant in loving kindness. Ps 103:8.

• Support Michael J. Fox foundation & NIKE and the fight against Parkinson's.

• Be strong in body, clean in mind, lofty in ideals. -James Naismith.

Influence Your Own “Loop”

Do you have a young hero in your life? The stories in “Step Up Your Game:  A Playbook for the Next Generation Hero” are honest, entertaining, and inspiring. Read it together and open a new (and important) conversation between generations. Sharm always said, “No matter who you are, start where you are.” Visit www.sharmscheuerman.com to read a sample chapter, hear what people are saying about it, and order your copy. Multiple copies (for distribution by your organization) are available with special pricing – contact us for information.

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